Autoresponder – What are autoresponders?

Autoresponders are automatic email responders that are sent to a subscriber when a specific event occurs, for example, they sign up for a specific list, a specific amount of time passes, or they take or do not perform an action on your website or regarding your campaigns.

They are also called follow-up messages or “follow-ups”. It is one of the most common marketing automation techniques.

Difference between autoresponder campaigns and mass mailings

Unlike mass mailings, such as a newsletter, these emails are not sent simultaneously to a number of subscribers on a list but are sent only to the subscriber whose behavior or action “triggers” the sending.  

Uses of autoresponder campaigns

Some more common examples of automatic autoresponder campaigns are:

Welcome email

When a user signs up for a list, a welcome email is usually sent in which you can explain what they will receive from now on.

Download content

Widely used in lead magnets, an email that sends downloadable content that the user has obtained in exchange for leaving some of their personal data or other information of interest.  

Online courses

Autoresponders are a good way to send online course lessons to send lessons when the user finishes the previous ones.


You can schedule emails that ask subscribers for feedback when they take an action or time passes since they unsubscribed.


You can send reactivation emails to users who do not interact with your campaigns, either to reactivate them or to permanently delete them from your mailing list.

Cross-selling y up-selling

You can send emails with the intention of selling items related to others who have purchased.

Advantages of using autoresponder or automated emails

Carrying out automatic sends triggered by some type of event has several advantages over mass sends that translate into higher opensCTR and conversions. Some of them are the following:   


When sent in response to a behavior, you will be sending content that is very appropriate to the user.


In the previous line, it will help you divide the list based on behaviors and interests, making the shipments much more accurate.

Optimization and productivity

Automatic mailing campaigns allow you to write the email just once, schedule it and have it sent little by little when the time is right. This represents a great saving in time and optimization of shipments that allows for greater campaign performance.

Improve  engagement  with your subscribers

Email is a very effective channel for relationships with clients and potential clients to extend over time. With programmed responses, you will be able to maintain and monitor this relationship and extend its life time value.


An automatic email flow is a great way to maintain customer loyalty over time. A new acquisition is always much more expensive than maintaining a previous one, so planning this type of campaign is very worthwhile.

Minimum investment

Email is a really economical marketing channel , and if you manage shipments this way you will be able to obtain very good results with a really low cost.  

You can send emails with the intention of selling items related to others who have purchased.

How to create autoresponder campaigns

When creating an autoresponder strategy, we recommend following the following tips:

Plan shipments

Take care of the cadence so as not to be too intrusive or so that your subscribers forget about you.

Choose the events

Define the events that each shipment will trigger (new addition to the list, time passing, another campaign opened).

Take care of the content

Always offer valuable content for the specific moment in which you are going to send.

Always offers the possibility of unsubscribing in a simple way

As in any mailing campaign, you must always put a visible unsubscribe link and a simple unsubscribe process to send the message and end up being marked as spam.