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Our Solutions

Understand consumer sentiment, improve customer experience


RAY measures consumer sentiment at the day, location and brand level.

Measure how changes to the location operation or as a brand, impacts consumer perception and adjust accordingly to provide a delightful customer experience

Generate trust by increasing the number and average of reviews of your branches


Ensure your brand exceeds customer expectations by adding reviews from top directories and tracking what customers say about their experiences.

Increase visits to your branches by up to 300% by improving the ranking on Google and Google Maps


Did you know that just as Google has an algorithm for ranking websites, it also has one for ranking physical branches?

Branch optimization in the eyes of Google is called Local SEO and RAY has a solution to help brands rank in the first places, multiplying the visits of potential customers to Google profiles and Google Maps.

Download the reputation report in Google of your locations

Understand your current brand reputation to identify areas for improvement and start developing strategies to acquire more customers and generate more revenue.

We take feedback seriously

If you want to know more about us, just read the reviews. Our customer success team regularly wins best-in-class awards. Our online reputation management software consistently receives top ratings from reviewers on Google, Capterra, Facebook and G2