Employer branding: what it is and how it helps you attract talent

Companies make great efforts to reinforce their brand so that customers have the best perception and opinion of it. To achieve this, they resort to branding , that is, they make investments and use different strategies and tools to project an image of professionalism, closeness and innovation, among other concepts. 

Employer branding seeks to ensure that the perception of the company by people who work and aspire to work for it is very good. Working on the company’s image towards its workers has the additional benefit of transferring part of that good image to the business’s customers.  

What is employer branding


For employer branding we have the definition of the image that employees and potential candidates have about the company where they work . If a company has a favorable perception from its employees and people who choose to work for it, it is easier to find qualified personnel and, furthermore, that good image ends up reaching customers. 

What are the objectives of employer branding?

The main objective of employer branding is that the company’s workers are more satisfied and have a good image of the company itself . With employees happy and motivated with their working conditions and the company’s policies and values, they increase their performance and productivity, but they also become ambassadors of the company and recommend it to close circles, acquaintances and family.   

Employer branding also seeks to reduce the costs of hiring and personnel selection processes , since it reduces the resources that must be invested to attract qualified and talented personnel to the business. 

Differentiation from the competition is another aspect achieved by employer branding, because it places the company above its main competitors in the eyes of the employees themselves and, probably, also of the competitors’ workers. 

Tips for designing an employer branding strategy

Below, we offer a series of recommendations to be able to draw up the best employer branding strategy.

Prioritize strategic groups

In an internal branding campaign focused on employees, it is important to focus on those groups of workers who play a strategic role in the business . These types of employees are the ones most interested in attracting since they provide great value to the company (always prioritize talent). 

Bet on an email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a very effective tool to improve the company’s image for employees. With personalized email messages you can foster a feeling of belonging and increase the level of employee loyalty.  

With email, techniques can be used to associate work with the brand to achieve greater confidence among workers in their future work in the company.  

Email marketing also offers a great opportunity to reach candidates to work in the company in a closer and more personalized way by creating brand awareness and facilitating a positive perception of the company.  

We have seen what employer branding is and how these types of strategies are very interesting to ensure that the company’s workers and candidates have a better perception of it, which has numerous benefits for the business. Working on this concept using email marketing strategies or social networks are two very effective alternatives that can be implemented.