Click to call (CTC)

Surely many of us have seen buttons like “call me” or “we will call you for free” on websites that we visit every day. All of these buttons are usually well visible and  are intended to increase conversion  by encouraging users to interact in order to request more information. This is  Click to Call , and here you will discover how it can help us in our  email marketing campaigns .

What is Click to Call (CTC)


Click to Call or CTC is a service that we can integrate through a widget on our website, generally on our landing page . By clicking on it, our clients can make a phone call to our company without having to use their mobile phone . Also, a CTC can be designed so that our users can leave their phone number so we can contact them .       

The speed and ease with which users can be served through this service generates high satisfaction and a great response in their experience. In this way, we will increase conversions and prevent many of them from going to other websites to obtain more information . In short, it is the step from providing virtual attention to a much more personalized one. 

To implement a “call me” button, you do not need any type of hardware or software , nor an additional Click To Call URL. It can be done through an API or by pasting code on our website. In addition, it is a completely personalized service that can be fully adapted to the look & feel of our website and allows numerous configurations such as “opening hours” or “calls not allowed” among others.       

Importance of Click to Call


Now that we know what Click To Call is , it is important to know the benefits it can bring us. Here are some of them:    

  • Immediate attention : It makes it possible to generate real and quick communication between users and the company. With this, it is possible to solve problems, increase information and generate new  leads  to increase sales.

  • Free service for users : They are the ones who receive the call, the company will only be charged for the duration.

  • Improves the user experience : Satisfaction with the treatment received increases loyalty and recognition of our brand.

  • Optimizes processes : With a well-implemented service it is possible to integrate it with analytical tools, thus facilitating the process of the sales and marketing departments.

How it affects our email marketing campaigns

Today, there are many techniques to carry out a good email marketing campaign. From order confirmations to a newsletter , they can help give very favorable results to a company, but the use of a “call button” is something totally special, since it causes direct intercommunication with customers . 

It is a proven fact that both in email marketing campaigns and in their implementation on a website, Call To Click can achieve increases of between 6 and 8% in CTR . And this means a very considerable increase in the conversions of our website. Now, the question we must ask ourselves is can we do without it?