Mass mailing: learn how to use it to expand your business

Mailing campaigns are one of the marketing channels that offer the highest return on investment,  according to various studies, reaching, in certain sectors, figures of up to $53 for every dollar invested. Start sending campaigns and  build customer loyalty and increase conversions.




What is mass mailing

Mass mailing is the sending of the same email to a simultaneous number of users who have previously been registered in a database and expressed their consent to receive commercial communications by this means.  

The objective of these shipments may be to generate sales, recurrence, engagement and other interactions on the part of the users who receive said emails.  

Benefits of mass mailing

Using mailing campaigns offers various benefits for professionals and companies, among which the following should be highlighted:


Email is an economical medium that allows direct and effective communication with potential customers and clients of your business, which increases conversions and their recurrence.  


Unlike other channels, email allows interaction between the brand and the user, establishing a conversation that strengthens the relationship between both, increasing loyalty and recurrence.  


If you have some user data (name, age, language, etc.) you can dynamically personalize part of the email content using tags , offering a greater feeling of closeness and exclusivity. 


Email automation allows you to establish flows that send campaigns based on user behavior, thus increasing the chances of opening and interest and, therefore, the return on investment.  


Unlike other advertising channels (especially those based on a bidding system), the price of email does not vary based on seasonality or the appearance of new competition. 

What to do and what not to do

If you have decided to start sending mailing campaigns, you just have to follow the following steps:

To do


Segment your database  by interests, demographics, previous behaviors or other criteria to send only those subscribers who may be interested in the campaign, thus increasing opens and interaction.

Express consent

Collect and store express consent from your subscribers  as required by law, and never send anything to a user who has not given you explicit permission to do so.


Create a compelling subject line:  It’s the first (and sometimes the only) thing your subscriber will see about your campaign. Therefore, it is your chance to catch his attention and not ignore you.


Even if your campaign has sales as its objective, generate valuable content that keeps users interested in your shipments.  

Comply with legislation

Comply with current national and supranational legislation (in Europe, the GDPR)  to ensure that you do not violate any regulations regarding the data processing and privacy of your subscribers.


Test and measure the results  to see what works and what doesn’t, and optimize your campaigns until you extract the maximum benefit from them.

Correct HTML

 The HTML of your campaign must be correct to be displayed in all email clients , and responsive in case your subscribers open the campaign on a mobile device. Our template editor guarantees both.  

Take care of the frequency of shipments

Don’t oversubscribe  until you bore your subscribers and cause them to unsubscribe or (even worse) mark you as spam. Don’t let so much time pass that they forget about you, and the reason that led them to subscribe to your list.  

Configure DKIM

Increase the deliverability of your campaigns by verifying the domain  from which you send your shipments.

Clean lists to avoid soft bounces and hard bounces.

Minimize the bounce rate to increase the efficiency  of your sending and avoid the risk of being classified as spam by the automatic filters of email providers.

Makes it easy to unsubscribe from the mailing list

Include an unsubscribe link in a visible place, and thus avoid frustrating users who want to stop receiving emails from your list and marking your messages as spam.

Use a professional tool to make your mass shipments

If you are thinking about including sending mass emails to your subscribers as part of your marketing strategy, the recommendation is that you do not send on your own, but rather that you use an appropriate software or platform for this. 

The advantages of using an email marketing tool like to carry out your mass mailings are, among others, the following:  

  • With our forms, you can easily attract subscribers and grow your email lists 

  • It has integrations with popular applications and CMS such as Google Analytics, WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify or Magento. 

  • You will be able to use the best email marketing template editor today, ensuring that you send messages with appropriate and optimized HTML for all clients and devices.    

  • You can create normal, RSS or autoresponder campaigns 

  • You will be able to consult statistics in real time and monitor the results of your campaigns  

  • Our support team will be able to help you with any questions or problems  you may encounter.

  • We help you comply with the GDPR and all  current legislation that affects email marketing

What NOT to do

Do not send to purchased, rented or inactive lists

Apart from not being allowed, it is a very bad practice that ensures few and negative results. If you send a campaign to users who are not interested in it, most of it will end up in the spam folder and you will have wasted money.  

Ship to all over the world

Not all of your subscribers have to be interested in all of your submissions. Segment and send only those that are most likely to be opened due to affinity.  

Use aggressive sales techniques

Even if they are campaigns with the objective of selling, do not be very aggressive or insistent, as you will end up generating rejection among subscribers.