Squeeze Page: What is a Squeeze Page?

squeeze page is a page whose main objective is to convert a potential customer’s visit to your website into a customer. This can be achieved thanks to the fact that its mission is to get a person’s email so that they become part of your sales funnel , which will be what makes them become a customer.    


What is a squeeze page

Making a squeeze page in Spanish is important for any business. This is a landing page similar to a landing page that is specifically designed so that you can capture data from users or leads , with email being the minimum necessary requirement for this.      

However, if you consider it so, you can request other types of data that may be useful to you in preparing your sales funnel. This means that, in addition to the email, you can also request their first and last name, the city where they live as well as their country of residence or any other information relevant to your business . 

squeeze page usually convinces the visiting user to leave their information and to tempt them to do so, it is customary to offer a free and exclusive product in exchange , which is known as a lead magnet . This can range from a virtual book to an online masterclass, through reports or other information that may be of interest.    

Selecting a good product that is special enough for visitors to want is key to being successful in the strategy. Once the user registers on your squeeze page , they will receive the offered product by email. 

What is it for and what is its purpose?

Creating a squeeze page in Spanish has the main objective of capturing the attention of visitors and convincing them to fill out a form . Its design, therefore, is especially aimed at this purpose.   

It is important to avoid any element that could distract the user , so links to other sites or advertising banners should be avoided. In short, it serves to collect user data in exchange for an exclusive and unique product .  

Therefore, if you decide to create your own, you must make sure to capture their attention immediately . To achieve this, it is key that you use advertising writing that is convincing enough so that the visitor feels attracted and is willing to leave their data to receive the product that you offer in exchange and that they will receive by email once they have completed their registration. 

Difference between squeeze page and landing page

Although at first they may seem like completely the same terms, even with their similarities, there is a difference between a squeeze page and a landing page . While the first has the sole objective of obtaining an email address, with a short or medium length and several call-to-action or CTA buttons , a landing page can have several conversion objectives, whether obtaining an email address , closing a sale, etc., in addition to having a long or short structure.      

In this way, the great importance of a squeeze page is clear , which is one of the most important pages in any sales funnel. Thanks to it you will be able to sell more products or services to your potential clients.