Spam service

What exactly does it consist of?

Anti-spam software can be of great help in your email, both on a personal and business level, thanks to its multiple benefits. Any user , professional or not, needs to be clear about what an antispam program is, the different types and the great advantages they offer to improve the comfort and security in the use of email.     


What is an antispam service and what is it for?

An antispam service consists of computer software that helps prevent junk mail or spam from entering your email inbox . 

When someone receives a spam email , they usually ignore it and delete it directly, but few people take the trouble to click on the corresponding boxes to mark it as spam and thus no longer receive it in their inbox . That is precisely why antispam programs exist.  

Anti-spam software is basically responsible for automatically filtering your email to send emails that are considered spam directly to the spam folder. They do this through several methods that we will see below.  

Types of antispam services

When installing a program of this type, you must take into account what kind of filters this anti-spam computer software is going to use . Generally, there are two main types of spam filters to identify these emails:

  • Filters that identify the characteristics of the message:  These are those that analyze the characteristics and elements contained in the email and, based on them, determine whether to include them in the spam list or let them enter the main inbox.

  • Filters that use statistical approximations:  They are similar to the first ones but more precise, because they become more and more refined. They are based on the statistics of emails already filtered by the user.

Once you have seen these two large categories, you should know that there are more types of antispam filters, among which the most recognized are:  

  • Blacklists:  They search blacklists for the IP addresses or domains from which the email is sent to determine whether it is spam or not.

  • Bayesians:  Learn from your actions, when classifying an email as spam, it analyzes its characteristics and uses them as a reference for subsequent emails that come in, for example, analyzing features such as the subject , links, sender, etc. 

  • Firewall:  This is a firewall program that detects when an unauthorized element enters via email, for example, a virus or a suspicious link. Usually uses a combination of the above.

Advantages of these services

In addition to classifying your emails as spam or not to keep them better organized and save you time, an antispam program offers extra benefits that will help you protect your device:  

  • Protection against phishing :   identifying fraudulent websites or emails so you don’t fall for it.

  • Virus filtering:  preventing you from clicking on unwanted links or downloading automatic files that transmit any type of malware to your computer.

  • Reduces bandwidth consumption:  ending in spam will reduce consumption, which is especially useful in companies. It will also be easier to remove anything unwanted with a single click.

As you have seen, if you have a professional antispam, either for you or your company, you will not only save a lot of time and avoid unwanted emails and constant advertising, but you will also protect your equipment thanks to its filters that detect suspicious elements. contain viruses.