What is CSR (corporate social responsibility) and how to put it into practice

Digital transformation brings with it new ways of doing things at the business level, accelerating processes, expanding the reach of companies and using new work and communication tools based on technology.

The exposure to which companies are exposed in the current digital environment creates the need to be socially responsible and establish a commitment to society and their customers.  

Next, we will see what CSR is and how it should be correctly implemented in a company.


What is CSR of a company

Corporate social responsibility or CSR defines the commitment that a company and organization makes with its customers, other companies and society . Thanks to this commitment, companies have a social conscience; companies promote programs to help causes such as economic development, education, health and many other social causes.   

CSR is associated with values ​​such as respect and ethics , and introduces the company to caring for the environment when developing its business processes.   

In quality management systems and ISO certifications, the PDCA cycle is presented as one of the most popular and efficient methodologies to achieve continuous improvement and increase quality levels in a company. 

How corporate social responsibility is implemented

Implementing CSR is an important decision for a company that will place it in a better position in the eyes of society and its clients, and that will provide it with multiple advantages.

The steps to follow to implement corporate social responsibility are:

Select activities and groups

It must be defined which group or community the social actions that the company is going to carry out are going to target. You must know who is going to be helped and what activities are going to be implemented to achieve it.

Set the goals

Realistic social objectives must be established, that is, they can be achieved in the assigned period of time. Selecting objectives that cannot be assumed by the company is a bad decision that can end up damaging its image.

Follow up

Monitoring all social actions and activities carried out is essential to implement CSR and measure its impact on society.

With continuous monitoring it is possible to verify whether the activities carried out are being successful in achieving the set objectives.

Have a communication strategy

To get the maximum benefit from a corporate social responsibility program, it is necessary to have an appropriate communication strategy that makes society aware of all the activities that are being carried out and the beneficial results that are being achieved.

Promote social responsibility

It is important to establish mechanisms to promote social responsibility in the company and for all its members to feel like participants in it.

Corporate social responsibility is a tool that many companies use to provide extra value to society. A corporate social responsibility program is an interesting way to improve the image and prestige of a company, associating itself with positive concepts such as ethics, responsibility and care for the environment.