Remarketing – What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a system that serves to create personalized ads for users who have previously visited our website, on different websites they browse. This is one of the most used techniques in online marketing.     

Its main objective is to increase the conversion rate of users who have already shown a previous interest in our products or who have not completed the action we want on our page.    

Remarketing works through cookies, which are a piece of code inserted into our users’ browser that contains an identifier to be able to track the web pages visited.

Retargeting and remarketing

There is a debate about the differences between these terms, but the reality is that the two terms are used to refer to the same concept.

On the one hand, retargeting is defined as the technique used to show our ads on other websites to users who have left our page without having completed a certain action.

On the other hand, remarketing is defined as the technique used to show advertisements on other websites to users who have not purchased or registered on our website.

Therefore, both terms can be used to refer to the same marketing technique in which impacts are created towards people who have previously visited a website.

Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing is a form of marketing that consists of showing customers, who have previously visited a website, products from that same website in the form of an advertisement.

This works through different platforms with which you can carry out remarketing campaigns, such as Google Ads. Dynamic banners can be created that contain all the product information and show them to users who have previously interacted with the website. 

Remarketing on the Google network

You can carry out your own remarketing campaigns on the Google Ads advertising platform. This is one of the most used online advertising platforms today and, with it, you can achieve a large number of conversions at affordable prices.  

This platform allows you to create 3 different types of remarketing campaigns:

  • Search remarketing campaigns:  this involves showing a text ad from our website to people who search for our keywords, and who have previously visited our website.

  • Remarketing campaigns on YouTube:  consists of showing our ads on the YouTube platform to users who have visited our website.

  • Display remarketing campaigns:  this involves showing our ads on pages that have Google AdSense integrated to all users who have visited our page.

We can combine all campaign types to obtain better results and increase the conversion of our users. In addition, CPC or CPM can be used as a payment metric for these campaigns, so the investment in remarketing can be adapted and optimized.