Push Notifications: what they are and what advantages they offer


What are push notifications

Knowing what push notifications are is essential for all those people and businesses that want to get the most out of the different communication options with potential clients. Although they are nothing new, it is in recent years that they have become especially popular.

Mobile push notifications are the best known by users, but they are not the only ones. They are small messages that are sent automatically to all those who have a certain application installed . 

This lets the user know that there is news without having to constantly check the app. Push messages par excellence are those sent by messaging apps such as WhatsApp, which allow users to be aware of whether they have received any communication without having to open the application to check it.

Push notifications are a form of direct communication between a brand and its potential customers, but it is important to know how to create attractive messages and also use them in moderation to avoid saturation . 

How push notifications work

Once we have clarified what push messages are, it is time to analyze in more detail how this system works.

For a brand to communicate in this way, it is first necessary that consumers have downloaded its application and have also given their express consent to receive notifications . 

From that moment on, when the brand behind the app introduces something new to it, all those who have it downloaded will receive a notification on their device. Messages are sent automatically via Push Notification Service (hence the name), and usually appear in the form of a pop-up on the user’s screen.  

The ultimate goal is for them to see the message, draw their attention and decide to open the application or visit the website, because this way they will be much closer to the conversion.

What are its advantages

Allow instant communication

The constant use of mobile phones by users guarantees that a large portion of the push messages sent will be seen, regardless of where or what the user is doing . 

The information is personalized

The user has already made the effort to download the app and consent to receive messages, which shows that they have a real interest in the brand. This allows us to know the target audience much better and be able to create messages that are truly of interest to them.   

Increase web traffic and conversions

Push messages can be used to inform about a new offer or that there are new articles published on the blog, for example. This arouses the curiosity of users and leads them directly to the content. And more visitors usually translate into increased sales or conversions.  

Knowing what push notifications are and using them properly can make the difference when it comes to achieving the expected results. Hence, they are a tool to take into account when doing marketing.