Online Advertising

What is online advertising?

Online advertising  is advertising that takes place on the Internet. The different techniques to create it, distribute it and make it profitable are part of online marketing. There are various channels to carry out advertising actions on the network, each one with different characteristics and objectives.


Features of online advertising

Payment Methods

There are various ways for advertisers to pay for advertising. These are the most common:


Online advertising allows you to track it using various metrics. These are some of the most common:

  • Visits:  Number of visits achieved through ads.

  • CTR:  Percentage of clicks that users make on ads in relation to the number of impressions.

  • Conversion rate:  Percentage of users who carry out the objectives set after clicking on the ad.

Elements of online advertising


It is the ad itself, which prompts the user to take an action. The formats can be varied: text, video, image, etc.

Landing Page or landing page

Normally, an ad or creative tries to take the user to a landing page, where they will try to carry out one or more actions such as filling out a form, making a purchase or any other type of action that leads them to become a customer or customer. a lead. 

Advantages of online advertising

Internet advertising has become very popular in recent decades because it offers a series of advantages over traditional advertising:

  • Immediate response:  They allow data and behavior to be observed in real time.

  • Segmentation:  Internet advertising offers a high segmentation capacity to show the appropriate ads to each user through personalization, thus considerably increasing the CTR, conversion rate and ROI . 

  • Measuring results:  Online advertising offers various metrics with which it is easy to measure and analyze results in real time, and establish KPIs and see if they are being achieved.  

Types of online advertising

Depending on the objective sought to be achieved, we can distinguish between two types of online advertising:


It is advertising focused on creating a memory or brand recognition, seeking to send a message to consumers so that it is known or remembered, rather than seeking an immediate conversion result.


It is advertising focused on achieving immediate results, so it is segmented and optimized advertising to generate conversions immediately.

Online advertising formats

There is a wide variety of formats that can be used in online advertising, normally combining several for campaigns, some being more suitable than others depending on the strategy or where the user is in the sales funnel.

Display ads

  • Text Ads:  Ads that include only text formatting.

  • Banners:  Creatives with images in various formats.

  • Video ads:  They can be integrated into banners, interstitials, or pre-roll ads that are displayed before the video plays.


It is advertising focused on achieving immediate results, so it is segmented and optimized advertising to generate conversions immediately and can include various ad formats.

  • Prospecting:  Advertisements shown with the intention of raising awareness of the brand or product.

  • Retargeting or Remarketing:  Ads related to previous user behavior such as having visited a website, having left an abandoned cart, etc.

Search Network Ads (SEM)

Ads that are displayed on search results pages (SERP) related to the keywords entered by the user.    

Social Ads

These are the advertisements displayed on social media advertising platforms.

  • Facebook Ads:  Ads on the Facebook advertising network.

  • Instagram Ads:  Ads on the Instagram advertising network.

  • Linkedin Ads:  Ads on the Linkedin advertising network.

  • Twitter Ads:  Ads on the Twitter advertising network.

Email Marketing

It consists of sending advertising communications by sending mass email to previously collected databases composed of users who have given prior and explicit consent, since, otherwise, it will be considered spam.

SMS Marketing

It consists of sending advertising communications via SMS to databases with telephone numbers. As in email marketing, it is necessary to have obtained the explicit consent of the users to carry out the shipments.

Affiliate Marketing

It consists of publishers who run campaigns for a brand or product in exchange for a profit for each conversion carried out. Normally the usual payment method is through CPA.