Mockup: What is it?

If you are dedicated to web design, you may be interested in knowing what a  mockup is , a small photomontage to show the client what the prototype of their site project will look like. Let’s see what a mockup is in web design, how useful they are and the advantages of use they present.

What is a mockup and what is it for?

Do you know what the concept of web mockups is? In English, the meaning of mockup is a model. It refers to a design prototype , a high-quality preview in the form of a photo montage, which allows you to see all the pieces of a design in their real environment. 

Mockups for graphic and web design allow the creator to verify that their design works as they expect it to , that is, once outside the “test environment”, simulating a real use scenario. 

With this presentation, the client will have a more precise vision of how the design will work in a real environment. It is very rare that a first sketch offers the definitive perspective in terms of iconography, size, appearance, typography… Therefore, the mockup allows adding value to the presented design.    

Furthermore, for web designers, the mockup is an effective way to publicize their portfolio in a more professional way, thus allowing the client to get a more accurate idea of ​​how the design will ultimately look.  

And how can you make a mockup? Its creation is a resource for designers that can be done on free or paid websites , or through their own tools. The idea is to get a PSD (Adobe Photoshop) file to later work on it in layers, and even distribute it by email to your clients. 

Advantages of using mockups

1. Save in the idea generation process

Mockups consist of a successively editable file, which you can reuse and modify as you deem necessary to readapt your value proposition. Consequently, you will stop spending money and printing materials to present your projects.  

2. Better model what you have in mind

With the use of mockups, you will have more tools to graphically capture everything that has occurred to you that does not fit into a simple sketch. This way you can make more elaborate and complete designs .  

3. Accurately present your web design project

By bringing the design closer to reality, you will be allowing clients to “feel” the final result, which could facilitate your presentation and, most likely, influence the satisfaction of your clients.  

4. Improve your brand image

When you present a project with a high sense of professionalism , you will be more likely to get more clients, since you will be offering an impeccable image of yourself and the work you are capable of doing. As a result, you’ll have an easier time creating good, realistic expectations about your designs. 

Now that you know what a mockup is, you may be interested in preparing some prototypes of your designs to present to your potential clients: the best of all is that you can incorporate them into a newsletter as a cover letter and make them easily reach your target audience, without having to invest a lot of your work time.