Google Ads – What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform that offers potential advertisers various options to impact users through various channels. This advertising network acts as an intermediary between advertisers and the owners of the websites ( publishers ), applications in which the ads are displayed or on the search result pages (SERP’s) of the Google search engine. The payment method is for each click, so the advertiser will only pay when users perform this action in an ad, with CPC being the established payment method. For their part, publishers will also earn income from clicks on ads located on their platforms. It is one of the most popular advertising networks on the Internet, and it is estimated that it is capable of reaching 95% of network users at some point. Its use can be complemented with other Google products such as Analytics or Data Studio to track metrics. When establishing the importance of these ads in conversions, it allows advertisers to choose between various attribution models.   

Ad positioning criteria in Google Ads


Google Ads is based on a bidding system in which the advertiser establishes the maximum CPC they are willing to pay. However, this is not the only criterion when displaying the ad or the position in which it is located. These are the criteria that this network follows to position an ad in a specific place:

  • Maximum CPC:  The maximum budget that the advertiser is willing to pay for each click on an ad.

  • Quality Score:  The quality level of the ad is measured in three factors. The expected click-through rate ( CTR ), the relevance of the ad (for example, whether it contains a keyword related to a user’s search), and the user experience offered by the landing page to which the user is directed. derived after clicking.

Having the highest bid does not therefore guarantee priority in the position, since the quality ranking will also influence.

Google Ads advertising networks

Google Ads offers advertisers the ability to advertise through different advertising networks:

search network

The ads appear contextualized on the search result pages of the Google search engine. The advertiser will need to set a maximum bid for each keyword for their ads to appear related to a search. It is the tool to carry out SEM campaigns. 

display network

The display ad network allows different formats (text ads, banners, gmail ads, and apps) to display on external sites. Publishers manage the display of these ads on their sites using AdSense.

Video ads

They are ads in video format to be shown on YouTube.

App Ads

They are ads intended to get users to download and install a mobile application for iOS or Android.

Google Ads Tools

Google Ads has various tools to manage ads in the various advertising networks:

  • Administrator accounts:  Allows single sign-on to manage multiple accounts at once.

  • Keyword Planner:  This tool allows you to search and compare search trends to choose keywords to bid on.

  • AdWords Editor:  A free application to manage AdWords campaigns without using the web application.