Geomarketing: What it is and how to apply it

Geomarketing is a marketing strategy that takes into account the similarities of the target audience that occupies the same geographical area. By applying geomarketing tools , companies can better direct their demand generation actions.   

Let’s see the meaning of geomarketing, and why you may be interested in applying it in your email marketing strategy.

What is geomarketing


In general terms, geomarketing is defined as commercial prospecting according to geographical variables . The concept consists of grouping target customers based on their location, based on the premise that occupying the same geographical area is, in itself, a segmentation parameter. 

The success of this idea lies in the enormous proportion of users who browse and interact online through their mobile phones, and the geolocation services that are implemented on both mobile devices and desktop computers.  

Based on this, there are three main types of geomarketing techniques that companies can use:

  • Check-In : encourage the customer to register their visit to an establishment on Google or social networks; This fact, in itself, already works as a potential recommendation.

  • Geofencing : activate the advertising action on devices that register a specific geolocation.

  • Geotargeting : define the region where you want to launch the campaign according to the company’s area of ​​specialization.

How to use geolocation in your marketing strategy

The purpose of the different geomarketing techniques is to launch advertising campaigns to clients with relevant data about nearby businesses or services . Or have you never thought about why a company might be interested in knowing your location? 

Of course, it is very useful information for local shops and businesses that wish to attract customers within their area of ​​influence , as well as for companies that are going to plan marketing actions in those regions where a greater impact is expected .  

If you are going to invest in an email marketing campaign , you may be interested in directing it only to customers who occupy a specific location. Geomarketing is increasingly being used in emails. 

Advantages of applying geomarketing

Improve customer experience

If you address only the audience that occupies a location, you will be directing more valuable messages . It makes sense to think that a user will find the information they receive about businesses or services close to their location more relevant. 

Optimize the budget

Directing segmented campaigns based on geolocation means better managing marketing resources , since time and money are not spent directing advertising to regions that are not in the desired area of ​​influence. 

Open new business perspectives

Geomarketing framed in the discipline of business intelligence provides a series of differential data to help companies better understand what is happening in their business, and to make accurate predictions based on a parameter that normally goes unnoticed.  

Geomarketing is based on the premise of not underestimating everything that people who occupy the same geographic region may have in common. Markets can have different levels of homogeneity, and segmenting the target audience according to their location can be a differential point for the success of an email marketing campaign.