Emotional design, what is emotional design for websites

Emotional design is a type of web design that focuses on page elements that provoke emotions in visitors, in order to gain more control over the user experience and increase conversions.  

There are three levels within emotional web design:  

  • Visceral design:  focuses on early emotions and the qualities that are most quickly perceived in the elements.

  • Behavioral design:  refers to the functional and most visible aspects of products or services.

  • Thoughtful design:  points to the most abstract aspects, such as the image of the product or the satisfaction it can cause.

This type of web design is also known as emotional UX design , since it not only focuses on the appearance of the elements, but usability is also highly relevant .   

Advantages of emotional design


Through it you can get great advantages such as:

    • Greater impact on visitors:  the sensitive aspects of each element for customers are studied more, so there is greater control and impact on all visitors.

    • More chances of getting leads :   users feel more comfortable and are more willing to carry out an action or purchase on the website.

    • Promotes branding :   helps associate the brand with an emotion, which benefits the process of creating a brand image in the minds of visitors

What are the keys to achieving an emotional design

With emotional design you should focus on basic elements , such as CTA buttons that facilitate tasks, images and texts , checking that everything is correctly optimized for user usability. Some keys are:

Understand what the emotions of the people who visit you are

It is important to understand the emotions you want to cause in your users so you can focus on the feelings that are most important and representative. This way, you can play with the elements that cause the result you are looking for.  

Think carefully about the colors of your pages

Colors are very important when designing any type of website, since they are capable of transmitting different feelings to visitors:  

  • Warm colors attract more attention and transmit feelings such as energy, fun or joy, which is why they are widely used on pages dedicated to sales.  

  • Cool colors convey a feeling of confidence or professionalism and are often used on corporate websites.  

You can also use color combinations that attract the attention of users, but you have to choose them well so as not to break the harmony.  

Use images that help convey emotions

There are images that transmit emotions quickly , especially those in which a person appears expressing a specific emotion. It is a very good idea to use this type of images, since with them you can control the feeling caused in the visitor. 

Refer to the benefits, don’t get straight to the point

If your website is dedicated to selling products or services, you should avoid going straight to the point. It is highly recommended that you focus on showing the different benefits of your products and referring to the needs they meet , preferably visually .    

Use words associated with emotions

It is very interesting to use words that refer to emotions (happy, energetic…) in the writing of texts , since they help visitors associate a certain product or content with an emotion. Although you should not abuse them, otherwise your texts could be too abstract.