Email Marketing – What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing  is the mass sending of emails to a set of subscribers  who have previously authorized the issuer to send them these communications.

It is used by companies to send clients or potential clients communications of all kinds, such as offers and news.

Types of email marketing

  • Transactional emails : These are emails that are intended to facilitate, complete or finalize any type of commercial transaction between the sender and the receiver.

  • Direct emails : These are emails sent with the purpose of communicating an offer, news, or any other content of interest to the subscriber list. An example is newsletters.

Advantages of email marketing

Email marketing offers several advantages over other communication channels with clients or subscribers:

  • It has a low economic cost compared to other communication channels. Furthermore, this cost decreases as the number of shipments made increases.

  • It is accessible, since the user can access their email from various devices such as a computer, mobile phone or tablets.

  • It has a great return on investment (ROI). 

  • It is very customizable, and can include the name of the person receiving the email or adapt the content based on their interests through segmentation. Segmentation helps increase conversion rate. 

  • It offers many metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns: opening rate, bounce rate, number of soft bounces and hard bounces or subscribers who unsubscribe.       

  • Allows you to carry out A/B tests to optimize campaigns  

  • It is automatable: it allows you to create email flows that are sent based on the behavior of the recipient

  • It allows you to redirect traffic to your website or to other places where you are interested in directing recipients, such as  landing pages.

Email marketing tools

Currently there are various tools that make it easier to carry out email marketing campaigns. These tools typically include:

  • Pre-designed and customizable HMTL templates

  • An email editor to configure the email and include its content

  • Possibility of carrying out A/B tests to optimize campaigns

  • Various metrics to analyze: Open rate, bounce rate, unsubscribes, CTR. 

  • Customizing the subject, sender or message

Good practices in email marketing

There are a series of good practices in email marketing. Failure to apply them can cause your subscribers to unsubscribe or your campaigns to end up in the SPAM folder.

  • Do not send campaigns to subscribers without their express consent, or to inactive lists

  • Avoid all content that is not standard and compatible with most email clients

  • Avoid excessive sending that could end up tiring your subscribers

  • Avoid certain keywords that can lead your email to the SPAM filter such as “free” and derivatives

  • Ensure HTML is suitable for email marketing

  • Segment subscribers to increase open rates

  • Measure results by analyzing metrics

  • Use an email marketing platform to manage your shipments