Call to Action or CTA

What is a Call to Action?

A Call to Action, also called CTA or call to action,  is a button or link located on a web page or in an email, which contains a message intended for the user to click on it.

They are generally used to drive traffic to a landing page or form so that the user generates a lead or a conversion: be it a registration, a purchase, a visit to the website.

How do you create a good Call to Action?


A call to action seeks to get the user to take an action, so it must be attractive and clear to achieve this. To do this, it must meet the following characteristics:

  • Segmentation:  The more personalized it is, the more likely it is to achieve an effect on the user.

  • Adequate copy:  The text of the CTA is very important and will make the difference between capturing attention or going unnoticed.

  • Choose its location well:  it cannot be overshadowed by other elements of the website or email, it must be easily visible.

  • Perform A/B testing:  collecting data from several options and comparing to see which one has the best CTR is very important when developing calls to action.

What Call to Action formats can you use?

Typically, a landing page has the following elements:

  • Text:  A normal text with a link to the site to which we want to refer the reader.

  • Images:  A link located in an image that shows the CTA message and encourages clicking.

  • Buttons:  One of the most effective ways, a button with text linked to the URL to which we want to refer the potential client.