Content curation

What it is and it’s advantages

Content curation consists   of searching for content on the Internet and collecting it, then filtering it and thus  selecting those that are really relevant to your brand and audience , with the aim of transmitting them in the future to your target  audience .


What is content curation


Basically, curated content consists of those ideas that have value for your target : information, videos, posts, or any other type of relevant content that can inspire them or provide something new and that is in line with your strategy as a brand.  

The person in charge of carrying out this process is known as a content curator , a professional who researches everything from websites to social networks and selects and filters valuable content .  

It should be noted that it is not about choosing these contents and simply “republishing” them , for example, sharing them on Facebook, but rather the brand must add value to them and nurture them . For example, you can use that Facebook post by naming it in an article on your blog related to the topic or giving your opinion about it, and then share your post on Facebook. Or you can use content to create a newsletter , always giving credit to the authors.     

There are many tools for content curation that can help you in the process, either by storing and organizing content in the same place, or by helping you research by topic, sector or media (especially social networks). Some of them are:  

  • Flipboard

  • ContentGems

  • Buzzsumo

  • Pocket

  • Feedly

  • Google Trends

  • LinkedIn Pulse

  • Buffer

  • HootSuite

Benefits of content curation

Content curation is a very useful technique for companies, since dedicating enough time to your content strategy that you are going to share with your followers will make your business improve in many aspects.    

  • Be updated:  It helps you stay updated and informed about everything that happens in your sector. Furthermore, this way you will find new ideas to create quality content that helps improve your web positioning .  

  • Know your audience better:  It allows you to research the needs of your audience and offer them related content. If they find your content useful and valuable , you will be able to retain customers and get new ones. Thanks to this, you will also gain new followers on your social platforms , since web traffic and views of your brand will increase considerably, so you can become a reference for others.    

  • Networking:  Curated content allows you to connect with people similar to you, who share your doubts and interests, for example, with the authors of blogs, articles, among others. Your network of contacts will expand and help your marketing strategy benefit , achieving higher quality and being more suitable for your audience. 

  • Productivity:  The process of searching and selecting relevant information becomes much easier thanks to content curation . In addition, you will save time and effort by focusing your creativity on those contents that are really important and necessary.   

  • Branding:  You can improve the image and online reputation of your business . The content you create should always be well prepared, with good aesthetics and providing something extra to add value, which will offer confidence and help your branding . On the other hand, informing and selflessly offering useful and free information to your audience can also contribute to improving the image of your business.   

  • Growth of your business:  The greatest benefit of all is that you will get your business to grow thanks to all those views on social networks, increased web traffic, better web positioning, etc. which will result in an increase in your clientele .