Brand awareness: What it is and how it is measured

Faced with the challenge of distinguishing yourself from the competition in an increasingly saturated market,  brand awareness can be the factor that makes the difference and tips the balance towards your proposal . Let’s look at the definition of brand awareness, how to calculate awareness in marketing, and what you can do to improve it.

What is brand awareness and its relevance for your company

To understand the scope and meaning of notoriety, think about the first brands that come to mind for deodorants, soft drinks, chocolate, insurance, printers, computers or smartphones , to give a few examples. 

It is very likely that most of the answers consist of the same brands. This presence in the consumer’s mind is called brand awareness.

And why are these brands more remembered than others that may be equally good, or even better than those mentioned? Because, in some way, they have managed to penetrate customers by associating sensations or memories through their advertising actions . 

Therefore, with equal conditions or value propositions, a client is more likely to choose the one that has caused the most impact in the form of pleasant sensations, hopes or future projections, memories of happy moments or association with positive values.

How to calculate

Brand awareness, although it may be a very abstract concept, can be measured thanks to digital tools and the collection of data on the Internet. The higher the search volume for a brand, the more awareness it will have.

  • 1. Google Trends allows you to know the frequency of certain search terms, in specific time periods and in particular geographical regions.  

  • 2. Google Keyword Planner works within the Google Ads console as an indicator of the searches received by a set of keywords.    

  • 3. Google Insights for Search allows you to compare search patterns according to different areas and time intervals.  

  • 4. How Sociable delves into the guts of social media to measure brand visibility.  

Keys to increasing brand awareness in your company

Increase audience reach

The first step to improve brand awareness is to make yourself known to more customers . The success of brands with great notoriety is that everyone knows them and email marketing can help you enormously to gain visibility. 

Humanize your image

Presence on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook is key for a brand to get closer to its target audience . The chances of transmitting positive feelings will be multiplied if you manage to interact with your potential clients through HR. H.H. 

Show the value you can offer

With an appropriate content marketing strategy you can make your audience know more about your value proposition , by incorporating images, video or text with messages that resonate with your target audience. 

Brand awareness is a determining factor for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and occupy a preferential place in the minds of consumers. It is a process that requires work and long-term projection, but whose results can be very beneficial for your company.