B2B – What is B2B?

A B2B (Business to Business) consists of all those business models in which transactions of goods or the provision of services occur between two companies.

This business model is mainly related to wholesale trade, although it is also linked to the provision of services and the consumption of content.

B2B digital marketing best practices and strategies


Several strategies stand out in B2B digital marketing, some of them are:

The main objective is to increase sales

Therefore, the strategies are intended to achieve this objective.

Email marketing is of great importance

The strategy most used by B2B companies is email marketing followed by social networks and content creation.

The advertising in which most is invested is Google Ads

The large investment in advertising by Spanish companies is focused on Google Ads.

The most effective means of payment are promotional articles on the web

The highest investment is in SEM ads, but the most effective support when it comes to increasing sales is promotional articles on the web along with videos on YouTube since video marketing is one of the big trends in B2B online marketing.  

The most used social network is Linkedin

It is the largest professional social network in the world that allows your company to have a showcase as huge as you want.

Content marketing is the biggest trend

A good content marketing strategy can help your customers better understand the benefits associated with your products or services.

The most effective type of content is blogs

They are the most effective platform to create valuable content.

How to improve your B2B marketing

To face new needs, problems or challenges, companies can carry out several strategies. These are some of them:

Strengthen the company’s identity

Companies are more receptive to buying products or services from those companies with which they feel identified. To achieve this, the image must be reinforced both online and offline.

Maximize online presence

This is one of the fundamental points of an effective marketing strategy. To achieve this, you must carry out internet positioning campaigns ( SEO, and SEM ), create a website and a blog and keep them updated, in addition to carrying out content marketing. 

Work on  email marketing

Marketing automation has transformed the way companies communicate with users. Automation allows you to implement optimized and effective email marketing campaigns.

Create a database and nurture it

Databases are a great asset because, thanks to marketing automation, you can track contacts and send them personalized offers. To get a good database you have to be able to capture users and convert them into records or leads with contact data that you can follow up on.

Benefits of B2B for companies

There are several benefits of B2B for companies. Here we will list some:

Time saving

B2B marketing has the function of creating a brand image and promoting personal contacts. This involves a consolidation process, but if it works it is easier to have a presence in the market. All this makes it easier to sell without the need for so much effort.

Saving money

If the B2B work has been carried out correctly, the brand image created will ensure that no more resources have to be spent than are strictly necessary.


A great market need is to offer something different since the goods and services offered are becoming more and more similar. B2B marketing serves to position a company in the sector with its own identity.

Higher billing per client

It is true that acquiring a client in B2B is complicated, but the turnover volume is greater and tends to be more concentrated.

Advantages of a B2B online store

Having a B2B online store not only helps your company but also has great advantages for customers and if customers are happy this will be reflected in the bottom line. These are some of the advantages:


It is very convenient for the client to have the catalog at their disposal whenever they want and also to have it updated.


Customers can place the order at the time they consider most appropriate, this way salespeople will be able to spend their time on what is really important, such as building a customer base or retaining current customers.


You can sell to all those countries that you choose by studying the profitability of sending the products or services.

Custom website

Each client is different, so the online store should not be the same for all clients, for this there are website customization tools. This has great power in customers’ purchasing decisions.

Promotions according to the type of client

Like the online store, promotions can be customized. Rules can be created to display a certain discount percentage based on customer type.

Online marketing

It will also be necessary to personalize the message used to connect with these clients who are so different from each other.


You can obtain data on everything that happens on the web and know how to analyze it. It can be used to optimize management processes or online marketing strategies, among others.