Automated emails – What they are, types and how to create them

Communication  via email  is one of the most effective mechanisms when it comes to achieving  engagement  between the owner of the website and its users. But sending individual emails to each person who subscribes to the website’s newsletter or makes a purchase in an online store is unfeasible. The alternative is automated emails ..


What is the term commodity in marketing?


The term commodity was extrapolated a few years ago to the world of marketing to define a set of strategies that are basic and very similar to each other and that, in reality, can be used to promote practically any product or service.  

Even in the e-commerce sector we can find commodity strategies such as offering shipping within 24 hours or the gift of a certain product if you buy another.  

Advantages of using commodities in your marketing strategy


When it comes to online marketing it seems that the key is always looking to do something different from what the competition does. However, there are basic techniques such as commodities that have proven to give very good results, so they should not be given up.

These strategies are simple, but they are very effective and very well received by the general public.  

However, the commodity strategy should never be the only one applied. It should be used as a complement to other more elaborate and personalized forms of marketing. This is how you can generate more engagement with the public and enhance branding .   


How to promote commodities in marketing?


Commodity marketing techniques are basic and simple, but they work very well with any type of product or service. But what happens when what needs to be promoted is also a commodity product?

If a product differs very little from others on the market, it may seem that its promotion becomes more complicated. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case.

No matter how bland or basic the product is, a detailed strategy must always be drawn up . If what you want to sell does not have characteristics that make it stand out compared to other similar products, you have to look for ways to give it added value. For example, personalizing packaging, transmitting values ​​that interest the consumer, creating an online community in which advice is shared, etc.    

Commodity marketing strategies themselves can also work with basic products. In fact, they are almost the best ones. Something as simple as a 2×1 offer is a good option for the consumer to decide to try a product from a certain brand and through this offer discover that it is something of quality that they should continue buying in the future.  

Commodity marketing strategies work both for the sale of commodity products and for selling much more elaborate and differentiated products or services. They are a classic that continues to give good results and that should not be given up.