Anchor Text – (Anchor Text)

What is an Anchor Text?

An Anchor Text  is the visible text of a link or hyperlink, which tells the user and search engines where the link directs.
The structure of anchor text in HTML tags is as follows:

<a href=”https://url-del-enlace”>ANCHOR TEXT or Anchor Text </a>

Types of Anchor Text

Depending on their typology, we find the following types of anchor texts in the links:


They are those in which the anchor text of the link is the same as the URL address they reference. For example:


These are the links that use some vague word that provides little information towards the route it follows, such as, for example,  click here.

With a Keyword or Keyword

They are those anchor texts with the intention of indicating a related keyword that helps the SEO positioning of the destination page. For example:  Email marketing.


It is the name of a brand or website without the full URL. For example:

The importance of Anchor Text in  SEO positioning

One of the most important factors for the SEO positioning of a web page are the external links from other sites that point to it. The fact that the anchor texts refer to a Keyword can help the positioning of the page in that specific search. Getting external links with keywords like Anchor Text is known as Linkbuilding. This practice must be natural, since Google penalizes links suspected of having been purchased or that are not natural.