WPO (Web Performance Optimization) – What is WPO?

WPO (Web Performance Optimization) is the set of techniques to improve the loading speed of a website. The loading speed of a site is important to improve user experience, loyalty, usability and is also a very relevant factor for SEO positioning. There is a difference between the performance of the website on desktop or mobile devices. According to Google, the optimal loading time for a website should not exceed 1.5 seconds. 



Techniques to improve website performance

There are various techniques to improve the performance of a website, the following being some of the most significant:

  • Minify css and javascript files:  Reducing the weight of .css and .js files represents a great performance improvement when downloading these files by the user.

  • Asynchronous loading of javascript:  Asynchronous loading allows the user to view and use the website while the .js files that are not essential for correct use are loaded, which reduces waiting time considerably.

  • Enable Gzip compression:  It is a lossless compression format that is enabled at the server level.

  • Use of CDN:  It is a Content Delivery Network, and it is distributed at different points to distribute the content from the closest point, reducing latency and improving speed.

  • Image optimization:  Image content directly influences download speed, so it is important to optimize them as much as possible to reduce their weight without losing quality.

  • Lazy Load:  It is a technique that consists of loading elements as the user scrolls down the website.

Tools to measure website performance

There are various online tools that help us measure performance and know how to optimize website download speed:

Importance of Web Performance Optimization

Improving the performance of our website is of great importance since it will help us offer a better user experience, reduce the  bounce rate,  increase visitor loyalty and, in addition, it is a decisive factor for positioning in search engines. .