Workshop – What is a workshop?

Workshop (workshop in English) is a business technique (most used in online marketing ) whose objective is to hold internal events or meetings between various people to contribute ideas and learn about a specific topic.    

Therefore, it should be understood as a meeting where it should serve to acquire new knowledge and exchange opinions and impressions that help improve a team in numerous aspects. 



Characteristics of a Workshop

Although the Workshop is nothing more than a meeting to learn about a topic from other people. Several main characteristics must be taken into account that differentiate a Workshop from a class or a meeting of co-workers.

It is not a training course

One of the most characteristic things about this type of event is that there is no individual with superior knowledge who transmits all the information to the rest.

In these workshops, information, knowledge and skills are transmitted among all the attendees present. Under the moderation of a supervisor, who organizes all the information transmitted and avoids silences or pauses that could spoil the debate.

Better quality than quantity

One of the main characteristics that you should take into account when holding a Workshop is that time is not important, but rather it is better to give a workshop with quality content.

The ideal time for this type of meeting is less than 4 hours, with some breaks in the middle of the session.

This will ensure that the normal flow of a company is not hindered and establishing these types of sporadic meetings will not be a problem.

Teamwork is essential

One of the things that must be taken into account for this type of corporate meetings is the importance of encouraging those present to have active communication and broad participation in these events.

This will make the Workshops much more dynamic and more usable.

How to do a Workshop

Since we are clear about the characteristics, we can take various steps necessary to carry out an event of this type in your organization.

The first thing will be to establish a main theme. To do this, you must first understand the needs of the company’s human resources, as well as the objective of the workshop.

After being clear about what will be discussed in said workshop, it is necessary to establish a date and place to hold said meeting. In general, it is usually in the same company establishment, since the aim is not to interrupt too much the normal flow of the employees’ daily activity.

On the other hand, it is necessary to have good material to support everything discussed in said workshop. This will mean that you can go to these documents at any time to have more detailed and complete information.

Once we are in the meeting, it is necessary to encourage the participation of all attendees to not only have varied information and different types of opinions. But it will also be useful to make it more enjoyable and more dynamic.

Furthermore, to finish it is always useful to give a round of conclusions that help give a small summary of everything that has been discussed and collect the various aspects learned in that workshop.

For all this, we can say that currently these types of workshops are useful not only for learning knowledge in a theoretical way, but also in a more practical way.