What is a Visual Search?

visual search or visual image search is a type of visual search for content through images in which search engines offer results based on the keywords they associate with said images.    

They use a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze all the data and components of an image, in order to analyze them in order to relate them to some of the keywords that users use to make queries in search engines. That is, in a visual search search , the user uploads an image to the search engine and obtains a set of images related to the keywords associated with that same image that has been entered.     

This type of query is widely used on smartphones or mobile devices such as tablets, where it is very common to perform a search by image with the mobile phone.



What are visual searches for?

Visual searches serve to make it easier for users to search for content, preventing them from having to type keywords in their searches and maximizing the chances of finding the content that best fits what the user is looking for.    

What are the advantages of this type of search?

Visual searches have several benefits that classic text searches do not have. Let’s look at each of these advantages in more detail:

  • Better experience for users:  For most users it is much more comfortable to enter an image in the search engine than having to enter text . In addition, it increases the chances that the user will find what they are looking for on the first try, since it is often difficult for users to find what they are looking for because they do not know how to specifically express the content they want to find. It also helps minimize any user contact with the device they are browsing with, which usually results in a much more comfortable experience in their search .  

  • Improved conversion: Speeds up and grows the conversion rate faster , as it encourages users to find what they are looking for quickly, thus accelerating the entire purchasing process and avoiding obstacles that can make users think twice. times.  

  • More possibilities of attracting cross-sales :   Visual image search greatly increases the possibilities of attracting cross-sales, since they give users the possibility of showing products related or complementary to those they are looking for , which can easily generate interest in their purchase and grow the cart. An example of this can be seen in the case of an online store when performing a search whose image is associated with the keyword flip flops, returning in its results also flip flops, swimsuits and other complementary products.   

  • Possibility of attracting more customers :   Younger users and new generations of the Internet are very attracted to this type of technology, so visual search can help make a website attractive to these users , increasing the audience and with This increases the chances of attracting new customers.