Visual marketing: What it consists of and what it can give you

That a picture is worth a thousand words is something that is engraved in all of us. Visual marketing resizes this idea to make advertising messages reach the public more strongly.

Let’s delve deeper into the concept of visual marketing and learn how you can get the most out of it.

What is visual marketing


Visual marketing is defined as a demand generation strategy supported by visual elements such as videos, photographs or designs, so that the brand message is enhanced above the limitations inherent to the text.  

The concept is based on the power of associating abstract ideas and visual representations : connecting the marketing message with graphic elements reinforces the idea you want to convey, since people are more likely to receive and process information in the form of images. . 

Visual marketing strategies are built around the premise that, no matter how powerful the human imagination can be, graphic representations always generate a greater impact . 

Elements of visual marketing and some tips

The most common elements in the field of visual marketing are:

  • Images

  • Photographs

  • GIF

  • Memes

  • Presentations

  • Infographics

  • Graphics

And here we leave you some tips on visual marketing (or how to combine these elements to get the most out of them):

  • 1. Try to make your graphic elements evoke emotions in your audience.  

  • 2. Use infographics to condense the most relevant information , that which you want to “enter first” in the eyes of your audience. 

  • 3. Take advantage of storytelling to tell a story . The common thread in a video or visual sequence helps to retain and understand ideas.   

  • 4. Use graphics to show statistics that add authority to your message . 

  • 5. Choose well the means of dissemination and the target audience for each element. Presentations and infographics always suggest more seriousness, and memes and GIFs have a more informal nature.   

  • Don’t forget to include very short texts that accompany the visual elements , not so much in terms of explanation but rather as a suggestion or reinforcement of the main idea. 

Advantages of visual marketing in your strategy  

Greater impact on the audience

Messages supported by visual elements will always enjoy a better reception than those based exclusively on texts.

More communication in less time

In advertising, time is money. The viewing process is always faster than the reading process, and that is why it represents an advantage.

More conversion possibilities

The fact of appealing to the sensations of the audience allows them to feel identified and react by interacting with the brand.

More brand visibility

Visual content also contributes to organic positioning on the Internet, and will support other content that you usually use in your SEO strategy.

Visual marketing is used to reinforce advertising messages and make them more accessible to users. In addition, it is totally suitable to be included in your email marketing strategy; With light and carefully chosen graphic content, you can have more impact on your target audience than just depending on what you write.