Virtual assistant: who is he and what exactly does he do

The digital transformation of companies, the rise of smartphones and the intensive use of the Internet for many of the activities we carry out every day, has led to an environment where people and companies have new needs.

One of these new emerging professions is that of virtual assistants who perform their function remotely, assisting managers, department heads and other personnel, so that they can be more efficient and productive in some of their tasks.  





What is a virtual assistant


A virtual assistant is a person who provides virtual services associated with technology , and who is specialized in an area or in various subjects for which he or she is required thanks to his or her knowledge, experience and skills. 

Among the main skills of a virtual assistant is the management of technological devices and software tools, as well as a great ability to adapt to new environments or applications.

What’s your objective


If you’re wondering what a virtual assistant does, the answer is that they can do almost any task. The virtual assistant has, as a general rule, a generalist profile that allows him to advise and advise a wide variety of areas of the company .

It is a resource or support that the company uses to be able to address its projects and tasks in better conditions and with greater possibilities of carrying them out successfully.

How it works and what a virtual assistant does

The virtual personal assistant works from home and can be an employee of the company itself, or an independent professional who provides services.

The virtual personal assistant works from home and can be an employee of the company itself, or an independent professional who provides services.

The main functions performed by a virtual assistant are:

  • Manage agendas , either of company workers or projects. A function similar to that of a secretary but remotely.

  • Email management . It is responsible for managing the email of a company, department or worker.

  • Sales support . Helps the sales team in some of their usual functions, such as creating invoices, for example.

  • Creation of content  for the company’s web platforms, for e-commerce or for email marketing or social media campaigns.

  • Planning  meetings, webinars, and all types of events.

  • Manage social networks . Develop community manager functions to manage the company’s different social networks.

  • Monitoring of products and services , contacting couriers and carriers to guarantee that delivery times are met.

A virtual assistant is a kind of wild card that companies and professionals can use to perform different tasks necessary for their business. The work of a virtual assistant is done remotely, using the internet as a means of communication (in addition to phone calls).

Hiring a virtual assistant is a way to improve the company’s workflow, delegate functions from overloaded staff, and have a multitasking professional who can solve many problems or processes within the company. Thanks to a virtual assistant, a lot of time can be freed up for qualified workers who can dedicate it to other activities in the business of greater value or importance.