Thumbnail – What are thumbnails?

A thumbnail is the thumbnail image of a file that is actually much larger. Being a visual element it manages to attract the user’s attention. If you click on the thumbnail the image becomes much larger and you can see all the characteristics of the product.

You will have seen them in any online store. You see a small image of the product and if you enter the product file, you not only see the image in more detail, but also a description of its technical characteristics.


What are thumbnail files?

Now that you know what a thumbnail is, you may have noticed that they are also present on your mobile phone. If you go to your image gallery, there you will find a good number of thumbnail images that correspond to photos that you have taken with your device or that you have received through instant messaging.

What is the thumbnails folder? Well, simply a place where all those thumbnails are saved and that allows you to find the image you are looking for much faster.

Where to use thumbnails

Some of the places where it is most common to use thumbnails are the following:

  • YouTube:  Getting a video views on YouTube is not so easy, because the competition is very high and Internet users have millions of content to choose from. However, a good description working on keywords and a correct choice of thumbnails can attract attention and increase views.

  • Ecommerce:  In online stores, these miniature images allow the visitor to be shown a large number of products at the same time without affecting the loading speed of the website. The thumbnail is usually accompanied by a brief description. If you manage to capture the visitor’s attention, they will click on the image and access more detailed content, which will lead them to decide whether or not to make the purchase.

  • Email marketing:  In commercial communications via email you can also use these small images. This way you make the email weigh less and not be too aggressive on an aesthetic level, since it will not be full of large images that compete to attract interest. In this case, the thumbnail image can be accompanied by a brief, also striking description of what you want to show the recipient in greater detail. In this way, you encourage the reader to click and visit the website, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

Thumbnails have more and more applications in digital marketing, so it is important that you understand well what they are and start applying them now in your strategies to attract new customers.