Target – What it is and how to identify it

One of the main points that must always be defined in any marketing plan is the audience to which the different actions are going to be directed, in order to adapt the offer and achieve a higher conversion rate . In traditional marketing, this profile to which advertising strategies and actions are directed is known as the target audience , with the Anglo-Saxon terminology target being the one usually used in digital marketing .       

Below we will see what target is and its meaning, how we can identify it and what differences exist between target and buyer persona .         


What is the target

The target is the target audience to which the company’s products and services will be offered , and therefore the digital marketing actions will be aimed at capturing their attention and trying to convert them into customers.

The target is also known as potential clients, market niche, market segmentation and other names.

What does target mean?

The Anglo-Saxon word target has an objective meaning in Spanish. In digital marketing, this target or objective is used when referring to the audience to which the different marketing and advertising actions are going to be directed .    

What are the advantages of defining the target

Defining the target in marketing provides a series of benefits, among which the following stand out:

  • Get more sales or conversions.

  • Reduce investment and effort to attract clients.

  • Get a portfolio of loyal clients.

How to identify your target

In order to identify and define the target audience of a business, it is necessary to take into account a series of characteristics that allow creating an appropriate profile . The general characteristics that must be included in this profile are age, gender, level of education and income, profession, marital status, purchasing habits and hobbies and interests, among others. 

It must be taken into account that the more precise the segmentation is in search of the vision target , the better the result will be achieved in any of the actions and strategies applied.  

Differences between target and buyer persona

The target includes the profile of the public to whom products and articles are going to be offered . By defining this target audience, potential clients who would be interested in what the company offers them will be obtained. Within the target, we find the buyer persona at the end of the sales funnel , which is that part of the target that is really interested and will end up buying a product or demanding a service from the business.      

  • The buyer persona is the image of the ideal target , who meets all the requirements to demand the products and services offered.

  • Unlike the target , which is the group of users, the buyer persona can be defined , being a specific person within the target who has made a conversion. 

We have seen what the target is and why it is so important to define it for digital marketing. A precise segmentation of the target will mean that the number of buyer personas , or users who end up buying the company’s products, will increase significantly .