Tagline – What is a tagline?

In the world of marketing, a tagline will add value and shape your brand, making potential customers feel attracted to it and choose your products or services over those of the competition. But what is a tagline? Simple, a tagline is the short text that will accompany the name of your brand.


Differences between tagline and slogan

The tagline is based on the same principles as a slogan, although they are not the same and should not be confused. They differ in that the slogan proposes to present not only a product, service or campaign, but also to reflect the entire spirit of the company or brand, and is active at all times accompanying that specific product, service or campaign. In addition, it is usually longer than a tagline and is often used in advertising campaigns.

For its part, the tagline should be made up of two or three words and should cause a quick impact on potential customers. It captures the essence of our brand or company and always accompanies it. It is more focused on achieving long-term impact.

Methodology for choosing a tagline

It is necessary to follow a methodology to choose a good tagline; must be based on several aspects:

Our objetive

We must keep in mind at all times what our objective is, who we want to reach with our tagline. Keep in mind that the tagline will help you define what vision you want to give of your company and not the vision you currently have of it.

Analyzing our objective, differentiating potential clients, studying their needs and trying to obtain a well-defined profile will help us better focus the message.

Of more less

The usual thing is to have drafts of phrases a little longer than the one that will finally be our tagline. We will define a few phrases that try to reflect the message we want to convey and, once we have the one we like the most, we will have to try to synthesize it into a shorter and more impactful phrase.

Readability and position

What place will our tagline occupy? It is very common to place it below our brand logo. The important thing is that it is legible and impressive. We must never forget that it must capture the attention of our potential clients, in the vast majority of cases it will do so in a practically subliminal way.

Tips when choosing a tagline

  • It must contain clear and precise information.

  • You must avoid falling into the use of words that are valid for any company such as “easy”, “fast”, “competitive”, they will not help you make a difference.

  • It should be short, readable and understandable in a couple of seconds.

  • If the tagline can be applied to competitors, it is not a good choice.

In marketing, branding strategies, such as choosing a tagline, can make a difference in the long term and make us gain positions over the competition. A good tagline will make our brand or company easily remembered and, the more impact it has, the more difficult it will be for it to be forgotten in the future. Not falling into oblivion is a goal that you must always pursue.