SQL: What it is and what it is for

We are in the digital age, where information has become one of the most important assets for companies. Managing all the data that a business handles is essential to increase its productivity and competitive level.

In this environment, databases have become essential elements to store, organize and distribute information quickly and reliably. The types of databases that use the SQL programming language are the most popular and we can find them on web pages or e-commerce, in mobile apps or software applications, among others.  

Next, we will see what SQL is, what it is used for and what type of SQL databases exist . 


What is SQL

SQL is a type of programming language that works on relational databases and is responsible for the manipulation, definition, integrity and query of the data stored in this type of database.  

The SQL language has become an industry standard when it comes to managing relational databases.

What does SQL mean?

SQL comes from the terms Structured Query Language , and its meaning is structured query language. 

What is the SQL language for?

If you are wondering about the SQL language and what it is for, it is a language with which it is possible to manage and share the data of a relational database , whose records are organized in different tables.  

With the use of statements or SQL code you can query, update and organize the data in a relational database.  

SQL Database Types

SQL databases are among the most used today due to their many advantages. Some of the best-known SQL relational databases are:

  • OracleSQL . Although relational databases were designed by IBM, the first company to market them was Oracle. Currently, its SQL manager for databases is the most complete and powerful on the market and is used by many companies to be able to manage their information efficiently and securely (it is a payment system).  

  • MySQL . It is the most used database engine, mainly because it is an open source project , so it can be used for commercial purposes without having to pay a license. We can find examples of MySQL databases on websites created with WordPress , or in online stores designed with PrestaShop .   

  • SQLServer . It is Microsoft’s database engine based on SQL and today complements it with services such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse for use of relational databases in the cloud.  

  • Microsoft Access . The Microsoft Access relational database management program is found within the Office office suite and is one of the most used SQL databases worldwide.  

Is it important to know the SQL language?

We find SQL databases every day in the applications, web pages and mobile apps that we use. Its popularity makes companies look for professional profiles with mastery in the use of the SQL language , so having training and knowledge in SQL is a good way to access the job market. 

We have seen what SQL is and why it is important that you master the SQL language to be able to access jobs related to databases. SQL has become a standard, and having training on your resume gives you an advantage or differentiation in a personnel selection process.