Sponsorship – What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship , etymologically speaking, involves express support for a person or activity. This support usually translates into financial or other support. In short, it is about providing means for the development of said activity or initiative.    

When we talk about sponsorship in marketing, we are talking about supporting certain activities with the aim of having the greatest possible impact on a specific audience. We are talking about a very powerful advertising tool. When a brand sponsors a certain activity, that brand is providing public support, which translates into inheriting or assuming the values ​​transmitted in said activity. The linking potential that it can entail is very strong, and can arouse great interest on the part of consumers of the sponsored activity.  

We are going to try to develop the advantages of the main types of sponsorship that we can find in the world of marketing.  


Sponsorship of people

Sponsoring people is one of the most powerful marketing tools for a brand to identify with a series of specific values. Obviously, we are talking about the sponsorship of professionals in the development of their activity.  

Typically, human sponsorship can translate into:

  • Financial support for the development of professional activity:  the return of this type of sponsorship will translate into thanks and direct advertising for the brand. 

  • Support with means or materials for the development of the professional activity:  support with means and materials is probably the best way to sponsor a person, since the audience of the activity will be able to see first-hand the usefulness of the material means provided, becoming a way to obtain great public recognition from potential clients.

Event sponsorship

For its part, event sponsorship takes on a much deeper dimension in the world of communication and marketing.

In addition to the aforementioned acquisition of event values, sponsorship will allow you to take advantage of the event itself to publicize a brand, depending on the different agreements that can be reached with the promoter or organizer of the event itself.  

For example, a sponsor can reserve a few minutes of the event to give a brief presentation to attendees. You can give a detail or gift with the brand image or you can take advantage of the attendee database to send invitations or discounts that allow them to try the products or services that the brand is offering.

As you can see, there are many possibilities to take advantage of event sponsorship as a powerful advertising tool.

Sponsorship and crowdfunding

One of the sponsorship modalities that are having the most and best results lately is crowdfunding. It is about the sponsorship of many for a certain activity. This is what is known in English as crowdfunding.   

It allows you to financially support a certain activity with a small amount of money, in exchange for advertising and rewards of different types.

Widespread in the field of culture and social affairs, it allows the brand to communicate support for these causes, with the consequent impact on its public image.