SPAM – What is SPAM?

It is known as SPAM or junk mail, those emails that have not been requested or with an anonymous sender, which usually include an advertising message. They are sent in massive quantities with the consequent damage to the recipient.


Where does the name SPAM come from?

The term SPAM became popular in computing following a comedy sketch by the group Monty Python in which meat from this brand was included in all dishes.

Factors that influence when emails reach SPAM

There are several factors why spam filters can send campaigns to the spam folder. Here are some of them:

  • HTML template:  A template with incorrect HTML or not intended for email is one of the main reasons why an email marketing campaign can end up in the SPAM folder.

  • List quality:  Updated lists, with a low bounce and subscribers who authorized to receive communications and interested in the content. This way, they will not mark the emails as SPAM.

  • Email subject:  Carefully choose the subject of each newsletter campaign and avoid terms that could trigger SPAM filters.

  • Email sender:  Sending many emails from one domain to addresses on the same domain should be avoided. For example, sending many emails from Gmail to Gmail accounts.

  • White Lists:  If your subscribers add you to their contact book or white lists, you will prevent your shipments from reaching the SPAM folder.

  • Sending size:  You must control the size of your campaign, because the larger the sending, the more likely it is to reach SPAM.

  • DKIM and SPF configuration:  A correct configuration will increase the deliverability of your shipments.

  • Domain reputation:  Gradually increasing the number of subscribers and sending quality content will help your domain have a good reputation.

Recurring terms included in SPAM emails

SPAM filters detect certain recurring words in this type of spam. These are some of the most common ones that you should avoid:

  • Free / Free

  • No cost / No costs

  • Save / Save

  • Additional income

  • 100% satisfied

  • Amazing

  • Earn money / Earn money / Earn money…

  • Increase sales

  • Increase your sales

  • Increase your traffic

  • Sex and derivatives

  • Best price

  • No tricks

  • Special promotion

  • Collection address

  • I bought

  • Viagra

  • Risk free

  • Work from home