Soft Bounce – What is a Soft Bounce?

A Soft Bounce occurs when an email is not delivered to the recipient due to a temporary problem with a valid email address. Once the problem has been resolved, the recipient will be able to receive the email. Unlike Hard Bounce , this is a temporary delivery problem and not definitive. 


Causes of Soft Bounces in Email

There are various reasons why the email may not be delivered to the recipient temporarily. Among the most common, we find the following:

  • The recipient’s inbox is full

  • The size of the email exceeds what the recipient’s inbox allows

  • The server is not available at the time of sending

  • The server has had some problem in the delivery, but will continue to try

  • Server DNS problems

What is the difference between Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces?

The main difference between soft bounces and hard bounces is that the latter are emails whose non-delivery is permanent. For various reasons, for example the email address does not exist, the email will never reach the recipient’s inbox. The soft bounce is a temporary non-delivery and another delivery attempt occurs after a while.