Snippet – What are snippets?

Snippets are the text fragments that the user can see under the name of the website when doing a specific search. It is a small summary that shows you part of what can be found if you access the page.  

In reality, the snippet shows both the page title and the meta description and the URL, but for practical purposes its most important part is the text or meta description.


What are snippets for ? 

Through this small fragment of text the user can get an idea of ​​the content on the website, which will help them decide whether to visit it or not.

It improves the user experience, but it is also important for SEO positioning. If the keyword that an Internet user has searched for is within the snippet, it will be displayed in bold, which will catch their attention and increase the chances of them entering the website.     

This increases the volume of traffic, which in turn tells Google that it is a page with content that users consider interesting for a certain  keyword,  and the immediate consequence is that the position in the ranking of results improves.

What are Rich snippets or rich fragments ?  

Rich snippets have been a trend for some time now. In reality, they are normal snippets to which a little more information has been added to make them more attractive. 

What is done in these cases is to add elements such as rating stars, a photograph of the author, a striking image or emoticon, etc. Google supports rich snippets of opinions or reviews, people, products, recipes, organizations, events and videos.

All of these factors complement the information that the user receives at first glance, summarize the content of the page and have an important power of attraction towards the web.

Featured Snippet  or featured snippets: what they are and how to get them

The featured snippets are even more striking because they are larger and therefore more visible. These featured contents focus on answering questions that the user asks, also using the keyword that they want to position. Answers to questions such as: how, how to do, what it is, why… are more likely to position themselves better.  

For the success of a snippet, it is essential that the text that summarizes, to which you want to get visits, also meets some positioning requirements such as headings with H tags, a friendly URL, a good content structure, SEO-optimized writing. and content of the highest quality.

If the user sees a snippet, enters the website and spends time on it because they have found what they were looking for, they are telling Google that it is quality and relevant content, so this will improve the positioning of the page. So do not forget these small fragments of text when doing SEO.