SERP – What are SERPs?

SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)  are those pages that an Internet search engine returns when a user performs a search.
Based on the search term entered, it will show the results in order of relevance that, according to the search engine’s algorithm, have greater relevance based on the keyword entered.


Search results page elements

A search result page consists of the following elements:

Search field

It is a field in which the user enters the search term.


It is a summary of each result obtained by the search engine, whose structure may vary depending on the element displayed.

  • PPC Results:  These are those results that appear through payment by advertisers in their SEM campaigns. 

  • Organic results:  These are the results that the search engine considers most relevant for that search term. The position in which each one appears is optimized through SEO. 

  • Rich Snippet:  This is a type of rich result that displays additional information such as images, ratings, or a more detailed summary of the information. Its structure changes depending on the topic of the search: news, recipes, video, etc.

  • Featured Snippet:  It is a featured result, also called Position 0, that Google considers as the most relevant response to the user’s search.

  • Universal Search:  These are search results of different types combined. Text search results are mixed with other types such as images, video, maps or news.

Related searches

Suggested terms related to the search carried out by the user.


SERP number that the user’s search returned.

Number of results

Approximate number of results that have been found related to the search.

Search tools

Segmentation tools for searches, such as dates, location, type of search, etc.

SERP Types

There are several types of search result pages that a search engine can return based on the search term or filters chosen by the user.


List of links to different websites related to the search term.


Images related to the search. The alternative text of the image is especially important.


Video results returned by the search term entered by the user.


Google Maps results when searching for a specific location or place.


Relevant and current news related to the search term.


Results found in Google Books related to the search.


Applications installable on mobile devices or computers that are related to the search terms.


Flight search engine with price comparison functionality.

Positioning in SERPs

The higher the position of content on a search results page, the higher CTR it will achieve. To improve the position of content, SEO and SEM are used.