Scroll – What is scrolling and application advantages

Within  web development and design  there are various concepts that must be taken into account because they are  directly related to the usability of a website  . One of these concepts is  scroll  and refers to the way in which users can quickly scroll through the content of a page.    


What is scrolling?

Scrolling is the process by which a user scrolls through the content  of a web page. It is also called screen scrolling and consists of sliding your finger across the screen of a mobile device, using the mouse wheel on a computer or the gesture configured by the user on a trackpad, so that you can go up and down or go back and forth. left to right (if necessary) to scroll through the website and view all its content.  

Scrolling is not an exclusive concept of web development as it is also used in other sectors such as video games or in the development of specialized software.

What is it for

When scrolling on a web page, the user moves through its content quickly, so that they can view and use all the elements with ease. This scrolling is in most cases vertical and is very important to  ensure that the user experience is satisfactory.

With the scroll you can add effects that improve the design of a web page and cause a greater impact on the users who visit it.  

What are the advantages of having a scrolling design?

A website or online store with a design that allows scrolling will enjoy a series of related benefits, among which we can highlight:  

  • Quick access to all content:  By scrolling, a user can quickly and easily navigate through all the content of a page , being able to access any part with a simple movement on the screen or with the mouse. 

  • Improve navigation in online stores:  With the use of scroll you can quickly access different views of the products in a virtual store. It is a way to improve the display of the different images offered of an item to help the customer make the purchasing decision.  

  • Allows fluid navigation:  With scroll navigation is much more fluid than with the paging system . The high speed of current Internet connections and the staggered loading of content favor the use of scroll navigation over page-by-page catalog designs, in which you have to click to access all the content. This is especially useful on websites such as online stores and social networks. 

  • Facilitates navigation on mobile devices:  Scrolling is essential to be able to move through the content of a website from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. In fact, the widespread use of mobile devices is one of the reasons why scrolling has developed and established itself as a standard form of navigation in recent years.

Scrolling is a technique that is used in web design mainly to improve navigation and access to content by users . The use of scrolling on any type of web page will help increase its fluidity, offering the user or visitor a better experience.