Referral – What is Referral?

The word referral means reference in Spanish, it is a very important metric in digital marketing that measures the traffic of your website that comes from means other than search engines, it occurs when a person clicks on the link of your page from another website.   

This metric allows you to know the performance of your website and thanks to Google Analytics you can access all the information and interpret it.


Importance of referral traffic

By getting traffic to your website, you will be able to increase your subscribers and new readers, in addition to this positively affecting SEO , that is, Google, when it comes to positioning websites in searches, one of the variables it takes into account is referral traffic.  

On the other hand, through this traffic you can see if the content of your website is interesting and has value for both users and the websites that refer to you. If no website wants to have content from your page, it is a bad sign since it means that it does not provide any value for users, so you must take this aspect into account and work on it so that your referral traffic is optimal.

How to measure referral?

You must measure the referral through Google Analytics, within this tool you will find an option called “traffic sources”, in this option data related to organic searches or paid media will also appear.

To measure this metric you can also access the Reports menu, click on Acquisition, All traffic and Referral URLs. Through this section you can see from which pages visits are coming to your website.

To calculate your referral rate you must divide the number of visitors obtained through referral by the total visitors to your website.

How to increase referral traffic?

You must carry out different strategies to increase the popularity of your website, some of them are:

Use of the social network

They have a key role in online marketing since they promote your website. If you put a link to your page on your social networks through them, you will get important traffic for your company.

Write on other blogs

If you participate in blogs other than yours, you can publicize your website and get traffic since in the articles you publish you can put the link to your page, this way your website will be more popular.

Comment on articles from other blogs

It is another way to increase the popularity of your website, if you comment on something interesting to other users and that stands out, you will get new visitors to your website.

On the other hand, you also have to know how to optimize this type of traffic since the importance is that users reach where they want to go through that link, because if in an article they talk about a type of product, but they put the link main page of your website and does not go directly to that product will surely leave your page and this increases your bounce rate .