Rebranding – What it is and how it differs from branding

Sometimes, companies need a 180-degree turn to recover their market share or diversify their offering. The best way to do this is through a  rebranding strategy . A process through which what is done is to change the orientation of the brand. 


What is rebranding

Rebranding is a digital marketing strategy that consists of completely changing or renewing a brand with the aim of redesigning and repositioning it. With the change in the corporate image, what is sought is to make the brand relevant, adapt to the new needs of the market, improve its uniqueness and differentiate it from the competition.  

Brand renewal can also be carried out in cases where you want to eliminate a negative part or recover market share. A change that, by the way, may only be aesthetic or positioning. In the latter case, it would be SEO rebranding .    

Differences between branding and rebranding

Although at first they may seem like two similar concepts, the truth is that brand branding and rebranding present some differences.

In a branding strategy, what is done is to design, plan and manage a series of actions with which the aim is to ensure that the brand image reaches customers in the way that the company desires. A process that is carried out from the moment the brand is born and to which different actions are added.  

Rebranding , for its part, is a process in which brands want to change the image that the consumer has of them Therefore, a rebranding strategy is much more complex than a brand branding campaign , since any error can lead to confusion among consumers.  

How to rebrand

Companies that wish to rebrand must follow a series of guidelines to renew their brand image.

  • Study of the situation:  Before making a change to the corporate image, it is necessary to do a prior study on the current situation of the brand . Sometimes changing the brand image is not the solution and can even be harmful. Not in vain, it must be taken into account that a change of image can also mean a new philosophy for consumers. 

  • Define the objectives:  It is very important that you are clear about the objectives that you intend to achieve when completely changing or renewing the brand image. You must try to give a convincing answer as to what you want to achieve by adopting a new brand image.  

  • The corporate image: The new corporate image or brand logo must reflect the philosophy and values ​​of the company. It is best to have a simple image that customers can easily remember. A unique, simple and original design can be much more striking than one that is more complex.  

  • Spread the new brand image:  Finally, it is necessary to publicize the new brand image . The dissemination should be carried out through those channels through which your target audience moves. 

rebranding action is a strategy that you must carry out when you want to reposition yourself in the market. A strategy that is also very useful when the business model changes or when you intend to target a different audience.