Pure player

The rise of electronic commerce has transformed distribution models , to the point of relegating physical stores to a secondary (although not unimportant) role. This is the case of pure player business models  .



What is a pure player 

A pure player is defined as any business or brand whose means of distribution is exclusively e-commerce ; They are companies that do without physical stores to distribute the products they sell, and only use digital online sales platforms.   

Additionally, they use digital marketing tools to promote their products and content, which requires enormous care of all aspects of their websites and their profiles on social networks, since they are the main way through which they access information. they their clients.

They are called pure because it refers to that distribution model exclusively through electronic commerce, although that does not mean that they do not have headquarters or offices where the business is managed.

Pure Player Features 

100% digital sales channel

Pure player businesses use exclusively e-commerce systems so that the public can access their catalog and purchase their products. The client only needs a device and an Internet connection.  

Even so, there are certain figures who support their businesses with physical stores in very specific places, such as Amazon or AliExpress , and that does not mean they stop being pure players . The core of the business continues to be online sales, and the presence of stores only responds to strategic reasons for the increase in popularity.  

Very aggressive prices and promotions

The low structural costs of a pure player are due to the absence of physical stores. Therefore, it is possible to implement a system of lower prices and more aggressive offers.   

In exchange for selling large volumes of products, they can afford to work with narrower profit margins than businesses with physical points of sale.

Differences between pure player and a business with a physical store  

Low initial investment

The initial investment required for an online business is much lower than that needed to start one with physical premises. The mere fact of dispensing with points of sale and distribution represents great savings when starting the business from the beginning.  

Exclusive presence on the internet

Pure player businesses are online only . Conventional businesses, even if they implement an e-commerce platform, do not stop using their physical spaces to market their products to consumers. In this model, the e-commerce platform would only be an added value to the physical store model.   

Pure player businesses require a very low initial investment, are built around e-commerce platforms, and do not require an infrastructure of physical stores; Therefore, they can transfer the resulting structural savings to the prices of their products, which can always be lower than the equivalent in a traditional distribution model.