Mobile Marketing

What is mobile marketing?

 We call mobile marketing or mobile marketing advertising strategies that focus on smartphones as their main communication channel. This discipline, which began as a mere tributary of digital marketing, has been gaining strength until it has become essential. 

Since 2015, mobile phones have been displacing other devices in Internet access. This trend has remained unstoppable over time; Thus, 92% of Spanish Internet users access the Internet through their mobile phone.

Marketing for smartphones allows you to update online marketing, adapting it to new devices. It is a matter of pure survival: strategies that ignore smartphones are doomed to irrelevance.  

Perhaps we can think that mobile marketing is limited to achieving a responsive design of web pages and little else. In reality, it is an enormously complex branch that has as many tools as possibilities.   

Uses of mobile marketing


Although many people confuse Data Lake with Data Warehouse, since their fundamental objective is usually similar, there are clear differences between them:

Mobile search

You may have already noticed that the SERPs are different when we view them on mobile, and there is little left for this to become the general rule. We will have to take care of mobile SEO to be well positioned.     

Mobile ads

Intrusive advertising is doomed to disappear.  Friendly ads aimed at offering a better user experience (videos, interactivity, animations…) are imposed. This will directly affect social ads.


Discount coupons were a thing of the past, but with the arrival of smartphones this old marketing strategy has been completely reinvented. It is enough for your user to receive the offer on their mobile phone to get the itch to go shopping.  

Mobile email marketing

One of the things we all do with our smartphone is check email.  It is no surprise that email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in mobile marketing.  


The mobile geolocator is perfect for offering our users promotions associated with the physical area where they are. An astute mobile marketing expert will know how to make the most of the interaction possibilities offered by GPS.  

SMS and multimedia messages

Mobile SMS marketing is as long-lasting as it is effective. Despite their simplicity, they still have an enormously high open and conversion rate, due to the sense of urgency they create in the recipient.


Have you noticed that all the major brands have their own app? It is a very useful mobile marketing tool to build customer loyalty and interact with them constantly. 

As you see, mobile marketing is a whole world full of possibilities to grow your business. This is the firm confirmation of mobile first , a trend that is already an indisputable fact.