Long tail in marketing: what it is and why it is important for SEO

One of the terms most used in SEO when talking about keywords for web positioning is long tail . Long-tail words are essential to fight for the best positions in Google’s SERPs (search results pages), in keywords with less competition and that better adapt to the user’s search intention .          

Using long tail  in digital marketing is essential so that you can achieve better positions in Google ranking and increase the visualization of your website or e-commerce.  

What is a long tail


long tail or long tail keyword is a very specific keyword to perform a search . It usually consists of a phrase or a set of words, more complex than a generic key (made up of a single word).   

The number of searches for long-tail keywords is lower than for generic keywords, but it takes less effort and time to rank for them.      

Why is the use of the long tail important for SEO?

Attacking long tail in SEO is very important because they offer many benefits for the website. Among the main benefits of this type of keywords we have:

  • It is easier to position yourself in the top positions of the Google SERPs with a long tail as there is less competition.  

  • It is easier to achieve conversions (such as subscriptions or sales) because the user is performing a more specific search that responds to a specific intention.    

  • They have a higher ROI (return on investment) as they have a lower positioning cost than generic keywords.   

How to identify long tail words and use them

Carrying out a study to select suitable long tail keywords for a project is the best solution to increase its visibility with less investment and effort.

To find long-tail keywords you can follow the following recommendations:

Google autocomplete

The Google search engine has an autocomplete function that suggests to the user terms related to what they are writing and that have a large number of searches by users. Using this Google autocomplete option is a good way to find the most searched long tails related to a website.  

A trick to further optimize this Google suggestions option is to use the asterisk symbol (*) before or after a word to indicate to the search engine that you need suggestions; This will show many more options.  

Related searches

When you perform a search on Google, at the bottom of the results page a list called Google related searches is displayed, which includes terms similar to the one searched for and that have a large number of searches .   

Study the competition

Meta -tags for SEO are very important so it is important not to repeat them and create unique tags. Duplicating content can confuse Google, and even cause the website to be penalized in its positioning for duplicate content.    

Build meaningful sentences

By carrying out a study of the competition’s keywords, you can identify those in which you are well positioned and search for related long tails to position yourself with them more easily as there is less competition. In this way you can surpass the positioning of the competition in long tail related to their main generic keywords.  

Long tail keywords in marketing are a way to position a website more easily and at a lower cost. Although the number of searches for this type of words is lower than that of generic keywords, they usually respond to the user’s search intention, and therefore it is easier to achieve conversions.