Link juice: what this SEO technique consists of and how to optimize it

The domain authority of a website indicates the prestige of a website and is mainly defined by the number of inbound links it has . The more sites link to a web page, the higher its domain authority will be as it indicates that that site is valued positively by many users.   

When you link to a website, the same part of that domain authority is transferred, causing the other website to increase its authority. This characteristic of web links makes their use very interesting in strategies to achieve better positions in Google , as is the case of link juice , where the aim is to increase the prestige of a website through links from other pages.  

What is link juice and what is it for?


Link juice is an SEO technique that is used to improve the positioning of a website in Google by passing authority between pages through links .   

With the use of link juice, a website improves its web positioning by increasing its domain authority with quality incoming links, and by providing the website with better usability with an internal link network.

Types of link juice

We can differentiate between two types of link juice, external and internal.

  • External juice link . It is done to an external page to which part of the domain’s own authority is transferred.

  • Internal link juice . They are links that are made between pages of the same site to transfer authority between them.

How to optimize it to obtain a better result

Below, we offer a series of recommendations to enhance link juice:

Limit the number of links

Each page transfers a certain amount of its authority, so it is important to limit the number of links so that this authority is not distributed and the complete transfer can be made to the desired page.

Use the nofollow tag

When you want to include a link without transferring authority, you should use the nofollow tag (such as in links to policy pages).

It is also interesting to use this tag to link to websites that are not on the same topic, preventing Google from considering it a forced link for link building . 


Leverage the power of the home page

The home page of a website is usually the page with the highest authority on the site as it receives the greatest number of incoming links. You can take advantage of this greater authority to transfer it to other pages of interest, such as content pages or product sheets in an e-commerce, for example.

Get more inbound links

In order to get the most out of link juice by redistributing domain authority, it is important to get quality inbound links to increase authority.

Implementing strategies such as email marketing , quality content strategy or social media strategies will ensure that many external websites link to your own, increasing your domain authority.