Landing Page – What is a landing page or landing page?

A landing page or destination page  is a web page designed and created with the specific purpose within a site for the user to perform a specific action.  It could be downloading an ebook, getting a discount, etc. It serves as a gateway to visitors who can generate a  lead  or a conversion.

Where does a user come from to a landing page?


A user can land on a landing page in several ways:

  • For an organic result in a search engine (Google, Bing, etc.)

  • From an ad or banner

  • From a social media link

  • From an email marketing campaign 

Typical elements of a landing page

Typically, a landing page has the following elements:

  • Concise headers aimed at getting the user to perform an action

  • Explanation of the product or offer very oriented to the visual part

  • Absence of navigation menu and very limited number of internal and external links

  • May include graphic or video content

  • Subscription form

  • Icons that facilitate sharing on social networks

Types of landing pages or landing pages

  • Lead capture landing page:  It is a landing page in which some free content is offered to the user in exchange for providing some personal information, usually the email address. In exchange, you can download an ebook, whitepaper or any other type of resource.

  • Direct sales landing page:  It is a landing page intended to sell a specific product or service.

LPO (Landing Page Optimization)

Optimizing a landing page refers to its CRO, that is, improving it so that the conversion for which this landing page has been created is achieved. This optimization can be carried out in several steps:

  • Design or layout optimization

  • Content Optimization

  • Form Optimization

  • Increase user credibility and trust through SSL certificates, trust seals, etc.

  • Optimize for mobile navigation through responsive design

  • Perform A/B testing