Keyword – What is a Keyword?

A keyword is one or more terms used by a user to perform a search in an internet search engine. It is the way most users access websites. 

The importance of keywords


Analyzing the keywords through which users access a website is very important to generate content that reaches the top positions in those searches, since traffic will increase substantially.
This strategy to try to appear as high as possible in a given search is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Optimize content for keywords

For content to be found in the top positions of searches for a keyword, it must be relevant and of quality with respect to that specific search. The keyword and its variations must be included in the title, some subtitle, the body of the text and the meta description. It is also very important that this content receives links (internal and external) with anchor texts associated with that keyword. 

What are Long Tail Keywords 

They are those words related to search terms, but that have less traffic and competition and are, therefore, easier to position. A “long tail” strategy involves positioning the content in many of these searches so that in the long run it ends up positioning for the keyword of interest.
For example, if we want to position ourselves for the word email marketing, which has a lot of competition, we can carry out a content strategy in related searches such as “what is email marketing”, “how to do email marketing” or “tools to run email campaigns”. email marketing”.  

How to select keywords (Keyword Research)

There are various free and paid tools that can help us find keywords of interest. Some of them are:.

  • Google Trends

  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner

  • semrush

  • Sistrix