Guest blogging: What is it and what can it contribute to my company’s SEO?

If you frequently visit blogs on similar topics on the Internet, you will have noticed that, sometimes, bloggers collaborate with each other by cross-posting . We are going to see what guest blogging consists of , the advantages of this practice in the field of SEO positioning , and recommend some ideas for making a guest post on another blog.   

What is guest blogging


In digital marketing , a guest post (or guest publication) is a practice consisting of a blogger participating as a guest by posting their own content on another related blog and, if possible, belonging to a website with good domain authority .       

By publishing a guest post , a blogger is investing in organic positioning , since one of their main objectives is to gain inbound links from the website where the post was published.    

Additionally, the blogger gets to promote his or her personal brand . By appearing as a guest on a website with a good reputation and a large number of visitors, your notoriety will benefit. 

However, you need to be careful: Google could consider it a type of spam if the “guest” content does not meet quality standards, something that can be easily detected by its Penguin tool.

Tips for a good guest post 

Choose the right blog

Since this practice is part of an SEO positioning strategy, it will be very important to choose blogs that are not penalized by Google, that have good authority and that are relatively popular.

Return the mutual possibility of collaboration

We are not necessarily talking about money, since the practice of guest blogging is normally based on reciprocal invitations, so that the other blogger can also do the same on your site, and benefit from your notoriety in their link building strategy . Don’t hesitate to offer this cross-collaboration .     

Publish quality content

You may be facing a great opportunity to improve your organic positioning , so you should pay special attention to the content you publish. Avoid promoting yourself excessively, offer original and attractive content, and avoid nofollow links , which do not influence the site’s ranking.   

Track the post

Bloggers usually give visitors the opportunity to comment or share their content. In this way, they manage to retain their audience. If you have made a guest post, you will have to respond to the comments made about your article on the blog itself or on your social networks.

Advantages of guest blogging 

  • It increases the visibility of both sites , and allows the creation of new professional relationships, potentially beneficial for both creators.

  • Each blog is enriched with guest content , since fresh content is provided that can arouse the interest of more people or companies.   

  • A new audience is attracted who, impacted by the new content, contributes to the generation of incoming links .   

If done well and avoiding random cross-linking , guest blogging can become a powerful ally for both the guest blogger and the “guest” to mutually benefit.