Google Analytics – What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free online tool that allows you to track web pages, virtual stores and social networks. The information that Analytics obtains from a website is presented in the form of reports and is related to web traffic, its origin and behavior.

It is a powerful platform that allows you to carry out an in-depth study of the visits to a web page, to obtain a real vision of the state it is in, detecting errors or bottlenecks and discovering new opportunities.

How Google Analytics works


To understand Google Analytics and how it works, it is necessary to first authenticate the property of a website with the Google Analytics account (this is done by adding a code to the website). Once the site is linked to Google Analytics, it will begin to collect information about its web traffic.

The main elements on which Google Analytics works are:

  • The number of visits the site receives.

  • The duration of each of those visits.

  • The sources from which web traffic arrives.

  • The different URLs that have been visited by users who come to the website.

  • The keywords used.

  • Data about visitors’ devices and operating systems.

What information can we extract from each report

Knowing what Google Analytics is and how it works implies knowing the information that can be obtained in its four large blocks of reports:

  • Audience Report:  The audience is made up of visitors to a website. From this section of Google Analytics you can obtain information about the interests, behavior, and geographic location of the audience.

  • Acquisition Report:  In these reports you can access reports on how visitors arrived at the website: through search engines, direct link, link from another website or from a social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • Behavior Report:  These reports allow us to know what the user does once they arrive at the website. From the page they enter, the route they take or where they leave the site. These reports are very useful to find out if users are finding what they are looking for on the site, or if the content you want to highlight is being visited.

  • Conversion Report:  Conversions are the actions that users take in response to the website’s proposals, such as a registration or a sale. Reports related to conversions are very useful for applying digital marketing strategies such as attracting new customers or increasing sales.