FTP – What it is and what we can use it for

In the computing sector, the acronym  FTP is used to refer to a network protocol related to file transfer . Although today we mainly use it in the creation of web pages and it is integrated into peripherals such as printers, the truth is that it has existed since 1971.

What is FTP


It is the acronym for File Transfer Protocol , that is, it is a file transfer protocol that works through the client-server system . If we apply it to the creation of a website, the server is the hosting that you have contracted to host the website and the client is the computer through which you connect to said server.  

Its main function is to transfer files much more easily and quickly . When an FTP client connects to an FTP server it can upload or download files from it. A bidirectional and simultaneous connection is created that allows connection between computers without the need for them to have the same operating system or share the same architecture. 

What can FTP be used for?

The most common use of the FTP protocol is related to the creation and management of web pages through WordPress . In fact, FTP is the only way you can upload all the files that you want to make up the page to the server. 

Its main use is to transfer files from one device to another . Not only does it allow us to upload and download content to a website server, it also allows an Android mobile to connect to a computer with a Windows operating system and transfer information. 

How FTP works

FTP file transfer always requires two elements, the client and the server . In this case the service is provided through two ports, one for data transfer and the other for control. 

The client requests the port to connect to the server. Once the server accepts the request, the connection is established and the exchange of information can then occur. This implies that in order to connect to an FTP server you must have a username and password , which provides greater security for data transfers. 

Advantages and disadvantages of FTP

The simplicity of FTP is one of its great advantages, it allows quick transmission of files and its use in creating web pages makes this process much easier and can be done by anyone.  

However, this simplicity also implies a disadvantage , since the server can be configured so that it can be accessed without authentication keys. And to this we must add that the data is stored without any type of encryption. 

The result is that data can be intercepted by hackers while it is being transferred from one place to another.

To solve these security problems, three encryption options have appeared in recent years, FTPS, HTTPS and SFTP, which provide greater data protection and reduce risk.  

FTP has things that could be improved, but it is still one of the most important file transfer protocols worldwide. In fact, I’m sure your website uses it too.