Framework – What it is and why you should use it

The world of programming  and application development has been evolving over time. Programs are increasingly complex, must work on different devices and make use of new advances in computing technology.  

With the use of a framework , developers see their working conditions improved, accessing a framework that facilitates many routine tasks and helps them work together with other programmers on the same project.   

Next we are going to define what a framework is , what it is used for and what factors must be taken into account when choosing one .    

What is a framework

A framework or work environment  is a tool whose objective is  to facilitate the development and organization of software or application. Currently, programmers and developers rely on frameworks for their tool and software development projects, since they provide them with a series of advantages and benefits, such as time savings and a reduction in the number of errors.

Why is it convenient to use frameworks?

Frameworks are tools that automate many basic processes and tasks, facilitating many aspects related to the  development of a project. The main benefits of using frameworks for the development of applications, web apps, online stores and other projects are:  

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks:  By automating common tasks, monotonous and repetitive tasks can be eliminated, saving time that can be dedicated to other development functions that generate value. These types of tasks consume time and effort that will be saved by using a framework.

  • Facilitates collaborative work:  With the use of development patterns and standards, the code is better optimized and organized, allowing any member of the work team to understand it and participate in the development. Frameworks are tools that facilitate development work between work groups made up of different programmers and developers.

  • Reduces errors and allows advanced work:  With the use of frameworks, there is an ideal environment to minimize typical programming errors. In addition, the options of this tool allow you to do advanced things that cannot be done any other way (or the effort would be too great and not profitable).

What you should take into account when choosing frameworks

There are different types of frameworks depending on the programming language used , the type of project or the work group: 

  • Programming language or languages ​​to be used:  This is the first factor to take into account. There are a large number of frameworks specialized in programming languages ​​on the market, such as JavaScript, PHP, Android, etc.

  • Type of program to be developed:  an app for mobile devices, a web application, server software or the development of an e-commerce.

  • Development teams:  Another fundamental factor to choose the best work environment. Depending on the number of members of the work team, their training and collaborative needs, an appropriate framework can be found for each project.

We have seen what a framework is for and how it speeds up the application development process . There are several factors to take into account to select the ideal framework for programming an application and thus be able to accelerate its development, collaborate efficiently with other developers and obtain a more efficient result.