Double Opt In – What is Double Opt In?

Double Opt In  is the process by which a user subscribes to a database by carrying out an express and unequivocal confirmation, although always revocable.
It consists of two steps:  the subscription form and confirmation of consent, usually via email that the user has to confirm to subscribe to the list effectively.
The absence of such confirmation would imply that communications cannot be established with this user, despite having obtained their data, under the risk of the sending being considered spam.

Differences with simple Opt In


While in the simple Opt In it is enough for the user to fill out the form with their data and actively accept the privacy policies so that we can send them communications through Email Marketing, in the double opt In an express confirmation will be necessary through of an email in which the user will have to confirm said consent.  

Advantages of Double Opt In

Double opt in offers many advantages when building the database:

  • Confirmation of the user’s interest:  With this double confirmation, we ensure that the user is a subscriber truly interested in receiving our commercial communications.

  • Confirmation that the data is correct:  Through the confirmation email, it is verified that the address exists and is correct.

  • Higher opening rate: Users who take the trouble to open the confirmation email and click on the link are users really interested in our campaigns, so the 

  •  will be higher.  

  • Cleaner databases:  By simply sending the confirmation email we will prevent incorrect or non-existent addresses from entering our list, which will substantially reduce the bounce rate. 

  • Improved sender reputation:  A clean list helps maintain a better “Sender Score” that ISPs measure to give a reputation to sending domains and IPs.

  • Avoid Spam Traps:  Email managers use inactive accounts to check if they are receiving unwanted emails. With double confirmation, you will avoid reaching these email addresses.

Disadvantages of Double Opt In

It also offers some disadvantages (although they can be considered advantages in the long term):

  • Slower database growth:  By adding one more step in the commit, database growth will be considerably slower. Despite everything, it will be of higher quality.

  • Loss of potential subscribers:  On average, 20% of subscribers will not open the confirmation email, with the potential loss that this entails.